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Let Zeitronix and Modern Automotive Performance help you keep track of critical information with cutting-edge sensors, wiring and gauges.

We remember that old saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And most of the racing enthusiasts we know have some great power in their engine bays. From custom tunes to turbochargers, engines can be tweaked and adjusted to maximize performance for faster finish times and thrilling drives.

But taking advantage of those tunes, loadouts and other adjustments requires careful monitoring of key statistics. One of the most important is the air/fuel ratio: Knowing whether you are running too rich or lean can help you prevent critical damage to your engine. From fluid temperatures to ethanol content, your car is filled with things you need to know about.

Zeitronix gauges, sensors and analyzers keep you in the know. In business since 1998, Zeitronix employs superior materials and design to produce gauges that far surpass consumer-grade electronics. The company’s state-of-the-art surface mount assemblies will ensure you can place gauges in the perfect place for easy use. These guys have experience designing equipment used in military, medical and industrial fields, so their products will easily earn their keep in your project car.

Get a handle on your ethanol content in a flex fuel vehicle with an ethanol content analyzer. Keep track of your mixture with a wideband gauge. Conserve dash space with cleverly designed multi-gauge displays.

Our gearheads at Modern Automotive Performance have collective decades of working on performance vehicles, and that includes the use of sensors and gauges. Let us be your personal pit crew: Contact us today, tell us what you drive and what you have inside the hood. We’ll point you to the best Zeitronix gauges and sensors that will help you protect your investment and improve your lap times.


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