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Eibach Performance Springs, Coilovers, Swaybars, Strut Bars, and Suspension Kits

The chassis of most production cars are designed to be cost efficient to the manufacturer, and best suited for an "average driver". Enthusiasts, however, are anything but average. We want immediate response with reduced body roll and an increased stability and cornering ability, all with an aggressive stance.

Eibach suspension components engineers spend time tuning individual springs, dampers and stabilizers to achieve the best possible harmony between the driver, the automobile and the road. Behind the wheel, you immediately feel more direct handling and improved predictability. Nose dive under braking is reduced, as is excessive body roll in hard cornering. In any driving situation, tracking stability-and driver confidence-is greatly enhanced.

Top race teams trust Eibach to deliver high-quality suspension components. We’re excited to offer Eibach springs, Eibach sway bars, Eibach wheel spacers, Eibach coilovers, and so many more components!

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When it comes to aftermarket suspension systems like coil springs, quality matters. That's why we sell Eibach suspension components that enhance both cosmetic and performance aspects (direct handling) of your car.

Buying Eibach lowering springs and Eibach suspension components and general from MAPerformance, you'll get great perks like fast, free shipping on orders over $249, and a hassle-free 90-day return policy. We care about your suspension systems buying experience as much as you care about your ride.