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MAP Catback Exhaust | 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST (FIST-CBE)

$599.99 $666.66
Holiday Savings 10% ($ 66.67)

MAP GT-R Catback Exhaust | 2009-2015 Nissan GT-R (R35-CBE)

$1,399.99 $1,555.54
Holiday Savings 10% ($ 155.55)

A catback exhaust systems replaces all exhaust components behind the factory catalytic converter, hence the name "cat-back". They are the preferred aftermarket exhaust system for people looking for a little more performance and sound that don't want to remove the factory cat converter. Cat backs typically consist of larger diameter piping, high flow resonators, and larger mufflers to provide more exhaust flow, increasing performance.

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