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2022+ Civic Si Catback Exhaust System by MAPerformance

Modern Automotive Performance is no stranger to designing high performance exhausts for modern turbocharged vehicles, but for the 2022+ 11th Generation Civic Si, we decided to go straight to the owners to determine what they wanted most in an exhaust solution:


Owners demand performance and performance is enhanced by decreasing the energy and effort that is required for exhaust gasses to pass through a system. To reduce restrictions, we used 3" inch diameter 304L stainless steel tubing and meticulously designed the system with smooth, mandrel bent routing. We also designed the long legs of the mid pipe on our CNC mandrel bender to minimize the amount of sections that had to be welded together, further decreasing areas which might create flow robbing turbulence.

Another Unique feature with our system is the ability to eliminate the factory 3 Bolt connections on the front of the catback and the rear of the front pipe. We offer the “OEM” or “For use with MAP Front Pipe" option that connects to the front of the midpipe section via V-Band, and then goes to the V-Band connection out the MAP Civic X front pipe, offering the least restrictive catback on the market for the 2022+ 11th Generation Honda Civic SI


What you can control, in house, ultimately dictates the quality of the final product. Few other companies use in-house mandrel bent stainless steel tubing, but we do. Even though our state of the art mandrel bender is CNC programmed, we even go a step further to measure the accuracy of each bend upon completion. From there, we carefully mock up our exhausts on our custom-built in-house jigs to ensure the most accurate fitment possible. Next, our expert fabricators TIG weld each flange and joint with their superior back-purging techniques to ensure each weld lasts as long as the life of the car, while never leaking. Finally, each weld is inspected for imperfections before being sent off to our shipping department for shipment around the globe!

Made from high quality 304L Stainless Steel, our 2022+ 11th Generation Honda Civic SI catback is a rare find. Most exhaust systems on the market are made from an inferior 409 Stainless and are prone to surface rust over time. Designed with performance and longevity in mind we're certain anyone in the market for a 2022+ 11th Generation Honda Civic SI catback will be extremely pleased with the performance gains and exhaust sound of this system.


When it comes to the 2022+ 11th Generation Honda Civic SI catback exhausts, few things matter as much as sound. Other companies design an exhaust for performance and fitment, but the resulting tone simply becomes the result. Here at MAPerformance, we take care to focus on the little details in order to bring out the best in each and every catback we build.

That's just part of what makes the MAPerformance 2022+ 11th Generation Honda Civic SI Catback special. Of course, the sound it creates is nothing to shy away from either. You'll get an aggressive, throaty roar with the addition of a few extra ponies.

A unique feature of the MAPerformance 2022+ 11th Generation Honda Civic SI Catback, is the offering of Multiple Options when it comes to the sound of our system. Every unit will come with a single resonated mid section, from there we have 3 tip options that are easily switched with a single 3" V-Band connection:

Street - The addition of a Single Resonated Axleback will be our standard design, quiet enough to comfortably take the car on a long road trip, while also producing a more aggressive sound when driving the car the way it's meant to be driven. The Street tip has been our most popular design among Beta testers and Staff alike. Finished with our dual 3.5" Tip, this is for those of you looking to get the performance, and up the sound a bit while still keeping the neighborhood happy (For the most part). Eliminating drone at freeway speeds is the perfect all around catback.

Race - The tip for someone that wants to be loud and proud of their 2022+ 11th Generation Honda Civic SI, A 3" Straight pipe split to our dual 3.5" Tips is a sure way to make sure they hear you. This setup will produce the most sound, but surprisingly is for the most part still very driveable day to day, even more so if you have the factory restrictive catalytic converter in place. This tip setup will have slightly more rasp than the other options, but nothing we would consider unbearable.

Please Note: When cleaning exhaust tips, especially the blue tip variants which are made using a heat treatment process which can be removed with aggressive cleaning agents, make sure to use water and only if necessary, a very gentle soap. Never scrub, or use any rubbing or cleaning compound on these tips as the color will be damaged and will not be warrantied.


  • In House Mandrel Bent 3" 304L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Dual 3.5" Tips in multiple options, Polished, Burnt Blue, or Carbon Fiber
  • Polished 304SS Mufflers
  • Hand Made in the USA
  • User Configurable Exhaust note via Multiple Tip options (Street or Race)
  • Constructed to grow with the end user for years to come, works with current power options and stock connections, along with upgraded power options in the future via multiple connection points included.
  • Built with ground clearance in mind for lowered cars


  • Free flowing mandrel bent exhaust
  • User Configurable Design
  • Lifetime warranty on all of our in house Tig welded products
  • Includes all needed parts for installation
  • Top notch support and service from our team


  • 2022+ Honda Civic Si

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - MAP Civic Si OEM Front Pipe Adapter
  • 1 - MAP Civic Si 3” Mid Pipe
  • 1 - MAP Civic Si 3” Rear Mid Pipe
  • 1 - MAP Civic Si 3” to Dual 2.5” Y Pipe
  • 2 - MAP Civic Si Axleback
  • 3 - 3” V-Band Clamps
  • 2 - 2.5” Exhaust Clamps
  • 2 - 3.5” Dual Wall Tips (options available)
  • 1 - Antiseize Packet



  • MAPerformance Limited Lifetime Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Tay steez

Exhaust: MINT
Burnt tips: MINT
Install: MINT

Best sounding civic exhaust I’ve ever heard

I purchased the Race version of this catback exhaust and it is simply the best sounding civic exhaust in my opinion. It is a very easy install. There is surprisingly minimal drone considering the lack of resonators. Overall a great purchase and great product. (Side note: I purchased this for my ‘22 civic ex and it is a perfect fit and retains its excellent sound)