We think more car manufacturers should consult us when naming their cars. Take the Volkswagen Golf R, for instance. Other editions of this hatchback model make it seem like it would be more content holding clubs for transport from fairway to fairway. But the 2015+ Volkswagen Golf R is more like an extreme sport, with its turbocharged 2.0L engine and Haldex Traction all-wheel drive system. From the way it drives, golf is the last thing we think about.

In fact, what we think about the most at Automotive Performance is how to get the most out of already great cars like the Golf R. We’ve spent years and years working on cars and figuring out how to get the most out of them.

Even high-end sports editions of cars fresh off the showroom floor are filled with stock parts that are made to limit performance, not increase it. We’ve tested countless aftermarket parts to find what works and what doesn’t. That’s why our shelves are stocked with parts from the industry’s most respected brands — we’re not going to waste your time or money with parts we wouldn’t install in our own vehicles.

Upgrades that don’t directly add horsepower can still add power and efficiency to your Golf R. Performance brakes can help you stop just as quickly as you can accelerate. A better suspension can increase your handling in curves. And the right electronic components can give you the power to tweak your engine settings for the way you like to drive.

So exactly how do you like to drive? Want a little more excitement during your daily commute, or do you want to hit the track for higher-stage competition? Contact us today: Our staff of gearheads is ready to be your personal pit crew and help you get your Golf R on par. We help make automotive dreams become reality at Modern Automotive Performance.