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Precision Turbo – PTE Turbos & Accessories

Precision Turbo Street & Race PT6266 CEA JB Turbocharger - 735WHP (305-6266)


Precision Turbo 6266 Billet Gen2 CEA BB Turbocharger - 800WHP (505-6266B-GEN2)


Precision Turbo GEN2 PT6466 CEA BB - 900WHP (505-6466B_GEN2)


Precision Turbo PW46 External Wastegate - 46mm (085-2000)


Precision Turbo T4 Divided 4-Bolt Inlet Gasket (075-5017)


Precision Turbo PW39 External Wastegate 39mm (085-1000)


Precision Turbo Street & Race 6766 Billet JB CEA Turbocharger - 935WHP (PTB305-6766)


Precision Turbo Street & Race PT6262 JB Turbocharger - 705WHP (305-6262)


Precision Turbo Street & Race 5858 Billet JB Turbocharger - 620WHP


PTE LS-Series PT7675 Turbocharger - 1150HP


Precision Turbo Oil Drain Gasket for Small Frame Turbochargers (PTP075-5012)

$1.68 $2.19
You Save 23% ($ 0.51)

Precision Turbo Entry Level 5431E MFS JB Turbocharger - 500WHP (003-5431)


Precision Turbo 6870 Gen2 CEA BB Turbocharger


Precision Turbo V-Band Turbine Inlet Flange for PTE V-Band Turbine Housing (074-1030)


PTE Replacement Turbo Oil Drain Gasket (PTP075-5014)


Precision Turbos | PTE Turbochargers Parts & Accessories

You can always use a little extra when it’s time to punch the throttle – or press on it; we don’t judge – and Precision Turbo will give you more extra than anyone else. For more than two decades, the Indiana-based company has been the leader in high-performance turbochargers and engine components that never compromise on quality or performance. Precision Turbo’s products have won championships with every major street car racing organization and are also used as OEM parts for multiple manufacturers. With a PTE Turbo from MAPerformance in your ride, you will always have some extra horses.

Precision Turbo | PTE Turbo

We have a number of PTE turbochargers such as the Precision Turbo PT6262 Ball Bearing Turbo for sale that is the most sought after in the world of forced induction. With a name like Precision Turbo, sloppy just won’t do, and these turbochargers are forged from aluminum for lightweight power. Revolutionary CEA compressor wheel technology provides maximum efficiency and response while handling higher boost pressure at lower temperatures than conventional cast turbo wheels. Order a PTE ball bearing turbo to make a run for the championship, while street enthusiasts on a budget can go with a journal bearing turbo.

Other Precision Turbo rebuilds or replacement parts will ensure you get the most out of your new turbocharger. Single-stage boost control kits give you a mechanical way to regulate turbo power, while an external wastegate will increase exhaust flow to the turbine for even more of a boost. High-horsepower engines need a lot of fuel, and Precision Turbo’s fuel injector service kits and fuel filters will keep clean petrol flowing. Other accessories such as sensors, elbow pipes and v-band clamps will make you the turbo king.

MAP has used a lot of turbo systems over the years, and from universal turbos for custom setups to upgrade kits for stock systems, we know record-setting Precision Turbos are the best money can buy. Call or email us today to learn more about what turbo components will help you realize your hopes and dreams. All Precision turbochargers in stock are eligible for free same-day shipping on top of our lowest possible prices and loyalty rewards.

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