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Haltech Engine Management - Elite ECU

Remember when boosting horsepower was all about carburetor jetting and distributor advance? MAPerformance does. Today though it's all about software. Sure, lines of code will never look as cool as a big Holley double-pumper but if you're serious about squeezing more from your motor you won't really care. Instead, you'll turn to Haltech. Haltech are specialists in engine management systems. Whether you're running a single cylinder engine or a V8 they make what you need.

On the MAPerformance website you'll find both vehicle-specific and universal ECU kits and systems. Whether you're driving a Honda S2000 or a Hyundai Genesis you'll find the engine management system you need. In addition, we carry Haltech adapter harnesses, their fuel and oil pressure components and their Racepak IQ3 Street Dash Display.

A replacement engine management system can make a significant difference to the way your car performs, but installation is what you might call an advanced project. That's why it pays to buy from us. The free shipping and insurance on orders over $199 is useful and our financing options can help spread the cost, but where we really score is in technical support. Like you, we're auto enthusiasts and we want to help make your automotive performance dreams reality. If you already know which Haltech system you need, great, but if you want to discuss it first, we love to talk.