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Evo 2.3L Stroker Kit Dyno Results | Evo 8 2.3L Stroker Kit Powers this Evo 8

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

A 2.3L Stroker Kit has been a choice for many Evo 8 owners looking to make big power with their 7 bolt 4G63's. This 2003 Evo 8 is no exception.

There's something about a long Evo 8 mod's list that makes the car complete. If you've maintained receipts for every Evo 8/9 mod you've installed, you further prove your dedication to the car and the sport of modifying cars. Plus, it looks good posted on your windshield at car shows, and if you ever decide to sell the vehicle, future owners appreciate the effort. [caption id="attachment_9467" align="aligncenter" width="3264"]2.3L Stroker Kit in an Evo 8! Click to buy Evo 8/9 Parts from MAPerformance![/caption] This 2003 Evo 8 is a perfect example. It's mods list is huge. The car has been perfectly maintained and upgraded over it's 11 year life, and it shows. Oliver D. is the owner of this 2003 Evolution VIII with a built 2.3L Stroker Kit, and decided he wanted to get it tuned and dyno'd before a long summer of car meets and events across the state, and MAP was his choice for these services! Check out the mods list on the beautiful 2003 Evo VIII: Oliver made 473whp/401wtq on the DynoJet: [caption id="attachment_9466" align="alignnone" width="640"]2.3L Stroker Kit dyno results Check out the power the 2.3L Stroker Kit made in this 2003 Evo VIII[/caption] The car has the upgrades required to make it a major factor on the autocross, road course, or drag strip. The owner intends on driving the car in a few events across the state including Proving Grounds 2014 and showing it at the "All Mitsu Cookout", so be on the lookout for it at your local meet! You wont want to miss this beautiful Evo VIII!

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