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Lancer Ralliart Dyno Numbers Are Impressive | 2010 Ralliart, plus bolt-on's, equals power.

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

A 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart dyno'd earlier this week. The results are in: 276whp / 301wtq!

At MAP, we love all Lancers. Whether it be a bone stock Evolution X, a bolted-on Ralliart Lancer, or a built Evolution 9, we don't discriminate. We're always excited to see what mods will make what horsepower/torque before we add them to our dyno database.

Lancer Ralliart Dyno results

This blue Lancer Ralliart is owned by MAPerformance employee Drew, and after a long winter of upgrades, he decided it was time to see where he ranked on the totem pole of glorious Lancers. His mods list is accompanied by a tune from our in-house tuner Jordan and includes a few MAP built parts. Here are the mods: Not bad for bolt-ons! This goes to show what the Ralliart is capable of. While not being as mod friendly as it's Evolution brother, it's still possible to get some power out of these Sportbacks! Drew is considering what mods he's going to do next. Want to see more power? Better handling? Give us your ideas and we'll send them his way! Stay tuned to the MAPerformance blog for updates on Drew's car, as well as dyno videos and more!

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