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Evo X Catch Cans

Radium Engineering PCV Catch Can Kit | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evolution X (20-0105)

$189.95 $199.95
You Save 5% ($ 10.00)

Radium Engineering Dual Catch Can Kit | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evolution X (20-0108-08)

$379.95 $399.95
You Save 5% ($ 20.00)

Kozmic Motorsports Oil Catch Can Kit | 2008-2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (K27 X CCK)


Radium Engineering Crankcase Catch Can Kit | 2010-2015 Mitsubishi Evolution X (20-0106-10)

$199.45 $209.95
You Save 5% ($ 10.50)

Cusco 9mm Oil Catch Tank | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X JDM (566 009 A)

$115.28 $131.00
You Save 12% ($ 15.72)

Radium Engineering Crankcase Catch Can Kit | 2008-2009 Mitsubishi Evolution X (20-0106-08)

$199.45 $209.95
You Save 5% ($ 10.50)

STM Engine Oil Catch Can for Plastic Valve Cover | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (STM-EVOX-CC-PVC)


STM Engine Oil Catch Can for Metal Valve Cover | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (STM-EVOX-CC-MVC)


Boomba Racing Catch Can | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evolution X (Evo X Catch Can)

$99.90 $111.00
You Save 10% ($ 11.10)

If you’re on this page, it’s likely because you need an Evo X catch can. Catch cans are solid engine components that can prolong the life of your engine and exhaust system. It’s a key part of your engine’s positive crankcase ventilation, the system that is the beginning of your emission control.

In a nutshell: It is impossible for you to eliminate blow-by, which is the small amount of ignited fuel/air that gets past your piston rings. That blow-by, also called oil mist, can turn into a hard solid that impedes the motion inside your engine. The build-up steals away your performance and shortens your engine’s life.

An oil catch can solves this problem by collecting the blow-by and condensing the vapors. That lets a clean mixture re-enter the intake for another shot at ignition. While it won’t offer a huge horsepower boost, it will help remove excess crankcase pressure from your engine. Your Evo X will breathe better, and you’ll spare excessive wear and tear on your internals.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve spent hours upon hours testing different parts and seeing what kinds of differences they make. Most entry level Evo X catch cans feature a basic design of a can with two ports and some tubing. They get the job done for Evos that stick to the streets at normal speeds.

But if you are souping up your Evo X for high performance, we recommend an upgrade to a model with steel or copper filters: Those better condense the oil vapors and trap oil inside the reservoir. They also have windows for checking levels at a glance.

We know Evo X enthusiasts debate about an air oil separator vs catch can. A lot of different drivers have a variety of opinions about the matter, so you may decide not to invest in this option. But if you do, we know that quality is important. That’s why you’ll find quality Evo X catch cans made by some of the best names in the business, such as Boomba Racing, Radium Engineering, Kozmic Motorsports and Cusco. If we wouldn’t install it in our Evo, we won’t sell it for yours.

Is a PCV oil catch can the best option for you? Call us, and we’ll help you figure that out. We can point you in the right direction based on how you want to drive, then help ensure a successful installation.

Our customer service, great shipping rates, speedy order assembly and Loyalty Rewards program are all part of how we have one of the internet’s best reputations for selling performance parts and systems. Find out the difference we can make for you and your Evo X.

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