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When you want to upgrade your sport compact with a turbo charger, a Blouch Performance Turbo turbocharger from Modern Automotive Performance will get you speeding toward your personal finish line.

Our staff of mechanics has decades of experience upgrading Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan and other performance vehicles, but we’re still young-uns compared to Blouch Performance Turbo. Founded by Robert Blouch in 1980, he and his son spearheaded the development of bolt-on turbos back when four-cylinder sport compacts were starting to sweep the automotive market.

The evolution didn’t stop there: The company paired with Garrett compressors and turbines and adapted to Mitsubishi and Subaru models before most of the rest of the industry. Today, the company’s turbochargers are among the best, known for their high performance and quality materials, featuring castings and other components that are CNC machined in its facility.

Take a quick side trip to our Turbo Superstore and use our easy turbo calculator to figure out some key statistics that you need for the level of boost that you seek. Once you have that, contact us and tell us what you drive and how you want to drive.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a little pep during your street or highway driving, or if you want serious boost for taking on the competition at the track. Our staff wants to be your personal pit crew, so we’ll match you with a Blouch turbocharger that meets every single one of your demands. We’ll pass on tips and tricks we’ve learned, from the installation to the tuning, so that you can get the most out of it.

Our low prices, great shipping rates and healthy Loyalty Rewards program will help keep more money in your bank account, and our turbo-charged order packing will help get your order to your door more quickly.