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Kaaz USA was founded in the mid 1990s as the sole importer for the Japanese company, which was founded in 1922. Kaaz manufactures limited slip differentials among other parts for vehicles. The parts are made with quality materials and are designed for motorsports and all types of racing. A Kaaz limited slip differential helps keep power to both wheels in turns using a large friction plate size. Kaaz’s limited slip differentials also have more plates than many other brands so as to give you maximum performance.

The Kaaz limited slip differential works under torque and better transfers power from the engine to the wheels. Additionally, the design of the Kaaz limited slip differential is such that the plates suffer less abrasion. Additionally, the carrier is stronger and better able to handle the rigors of racing and sport driving. All of the parts of the limited slip differential are larger, which adds to the strength. These differentials are specially designed for each application.

The Super-Q limited slip differentials are quieter and better performing. They also have adjustable engagement settings for daily drivers or full-out race vehicles. Features include great heat dissipation, reduced chattering noise, they last longer and have smoother engagement. Furthermore, you don’t need to break the Super-Q limited slip differential in. In fact, the Super-Q’s lifespan is 15 to 30 percent longer than other units thanks to the higher number of plates and the larger size of the plates.

If you choose the 2-way configuration, the differential has positive lock motion while you are accelerating and decelerating. The 1.5-way configuration provides positive lock motion during acceleration, but not as much on deceleration, but has “more forgiving balance” depending on your vehicle’s setup and the skill of the driver during braking. The 1.5-way is good for any type of driving including gymkhana, drifting and low gear auto crossing.

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