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MAPerformance Mitsubishi EVO 8 Oil Cooler Kit Installation Guide

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

So you've seen the new MAP Evo oil cooler kit, our performance technician Chris K took the time to do a step by step install for you!

Click on the images to see them full size.

Step 1: Remove passenger side dust shield behind tire, exposing OEM oil cooler lines and filter.

Step 2: Remove fasteners on inner fender liner and pull back to expose OEM oil cooler and bracket assembly.

Step 3: Remove OEM oil cooler and lines and filter from vehicle.

Step 4: Install -8 unions into oil filter housing with metal washers (with rubber inserts) provided.

Step 5: Remove oil cooler brackets from vehicle, using factory hardware bolt the bracket adapters to the OEM brackets (the longer 3 bolt bracket adapter goes toward the bottom of the OEM bracket). Using included hardware attach the bracket adapters to Setrab oil cooler.

Step 6: The 4 bolt bracket shown here.

Step 7: Before installing these two fittings into your Setrab oil cooler, use oil or sil-glide to lube o-rings.

Step 8: Be sure both copper washers are on the banjo fitting, attach lines to fittings before attaching to Setrab oil cooler.

Step 9: Install Setrab oil cooler in vehicle using OEM hardware.

Step 10: Attach fittings to -8 unions on the oil filter housing.

Step 11: Reinstall oil filter.

Step 12: Zip tie oil plug wires to bracket.

Step 13: Reinstall dust shield, it will protrude slightly further than stock, you can modify, but it will not affect anything as is.

Step 14: This is an inside shot of the fitting touching the dust shield

Step 15: A zip tie here keeps this wire right where you want it.

Step 16: Be sure your duct fits well on the face of your oil cooler, loosening the brackets and moving it around can help get it where you need it.

Step 17: This is about how well the duct should line up.

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  • Bart Matusiak: October 02, 2018

    Would be nice to have a picture of all the lines with which AN fittings go on which ends of the 2 supplied hoses so you don’t have to sit there figuring it out using these less than ideal pictures. Otherwise, good kit.

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