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Fuel Pump Sizing Guide | Walbro Fuel Pumps for Every Application!

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Need help finding the correct size Walbro Fuel Pump? There's a Guide for that!

While choosing the correct Walbro Fuel Pump for your build, you might become a little frustrated with the flood of questionable information available on the net regarding fuel pumps and fueling in general. Once again, MAPerformance has your back with a little knowledge! The information seen below is just a general rule of thumb for most performance applications, but should suffice for more turbocharged vehicles on the road.


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What fuel pump do I need if I have "XYZ Mods" in my "XYZ Car"?

Most lightly modded cars will be perfectly fine running factory equipment. If you have an air intake and catback exhaust, the fuel pump situation is the last thing you need to worry about unless the factory one is beginning to fail. At that point, it may be worth considering a 255lph Walbro fuel pump. Otherwise, standard equipment is fine. It's once you've begun upgrading turbochargers, supercharger pulleys, or camshafts that it may be time to consider a larger aftermarket Walbro pump. The next step we use to determine if you're ready for a larger pump is based off your future plans for the vehicle. If you're aiming at making 600whp in 6 mo's, it may be in your best interest to upgrade to a 255lph or 450lph pump to avoid having to do so later on.

What size fuel pump do I need for my "500whp XYZ"?

First, you need to ask yourself if you're running pump gas or E85? For most cars using Pump gas, a Walbro 255lph will support 500whp on pump gas, and in most cases drop in with no problems. While other supporting mods such as injectors and regulators might be required, a Walbro 255lph fuel pump will handle the required fuel movement with ease.

Running E85 is a bit more difficult, as Ethanol requires 30% more fuel to make the same amount of power. In the same scenario with a goal of making 500whp, a Walbro 450lph is the go-to fuel pump. In most cases, a rewire kit is required due to the extra power needed for the larger pump and factory harness just cant support the additional draw. If you're unsure if your car needs a rewire kit, feel free to call us and we'll get to the bottom of it.

What size fuel pump do I need for my "1000whp XYZ"?

Since almost all cars making this amount of power will be turbocharged or supercharged in some fashion and typically sporting built motors and transmissions, it's hard to accurately recommend a Walbro fuel pump size based on horsepower alone. In some extreme cases, a dual pump hanger will be required along with a surge tank / fuel reservoir. This kind of flow is hard to estimate as it's not so cut and dry, so please give us a call and tell our knowledgeable staff what kind of mods you're running so we can accurately point you in the right direction.

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Hopefully this has cleared up some of the questions you had about Walbro fuel pumps or fuel pump sizing in general. It's a pretty simple process, and the interwebs are often clouded with bad advice suggesting an overkill pump. But if you still have questions, let us know! Our staff is here to help Give us a call (1888-MAPerformance) or drop us an email!

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