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VW Golf GTI Mk7 Support is HERE from COBB Tuning

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

V3 Accessport, Staged Packages and Bolt On's have arrived! 

The time has finally come! Long gone are the days of re-flashing and installing a custom MK7 GTI tunefor the race environment you're in. No more fussing with tons of cable and laptops trying to find the best MK7 GTI tune for your car. The days of paying for a new, expensive tune with every bolt-on are long gone. The VW MK7 GTI Accessport from COBB Tuning is here with what many tuners are considering the biggest modification to hit the MK7 GTI aftermarket ever!

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With the COBB MK7 GTI Accessport, you'll get simple GTI ECU flashing and gauge package! The new in-cabin mountable Golf GTI (Mk7) Accessport V3 has a large, full color, higher resolution screen which allows you to monitor up to six parameters in real time.

COBB Tuning Power Packages

The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your VW. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Follow our staged upgrade path with pre-loaded Off-The-Shelf (OTS) maps or use custom mapping for any modification level. It's the last engine management solution you'll ever need. Combine that with a COBB High Flow Filter to breathe new life into your VW GTI!

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Stage 1 Features

  • VW Accessport V3
  • Easily Change Maps with the Push of a Button
  • Drop in Pre-Oiled High Flow Filter
  • Washable/Reusable Cotton Woven Media
  • Increased Air Flow While Maintaining Filtering Efficiency

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Stage 1+ Features

  • VW Accessport V3
  • SF Intake System
  • Compatible with COBB Accessport OTS Maps

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Stage 2 Features

  • VW Accessport V3
  • SF Intake System

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Stage 3 Features

  • VW Accessport V3
  • SF Intake System
  • Turboback Exhaust

Click for more Information on the COBB High Flow Filter

COBB High Flow Filters are designed to permit very high flow rates, minimize restriction, maximize filtration and provide a long life filter. Using proprietary Woven cotton and metal mesh with a precision molded rubber base, the COBB High Flow Filter ensures that only clean air passes into your engine for maximum efficiency. Why not treat your car to fresh air with a COBB High Flow Filter and let it reward you with increased power and fuel economy!

Click for more Information on the SF Intake System

The Volkswagen SF Intake System for the Mk7 GTI is constructed of 3" silicone tubing, a custom aluminum airbox, and an intake filter. The black silicone intake tube and custom airbox look great in the engine bay and increase airflow potential substantially. The reusable filter can be cleaned and re-used for the life of your vehicle!

Click for more Information on the COBB Turboback Exhaust

The COBB Turboback Exhaust for the Mk7 VW GTI combines our catted downpipe and cat-back exhaust. Excellent power gains combined with beautiful fabrication work and a distinct exhaust tone will transform the feel of your Volkswagen GTI.

Click for more Information on the Cat-Back Exhaust

The COBB Cat-Back Exhaust System for the 2015-2016 GTI is a direct replacement for the factory exhaust. It comes with an adapter that tapers down to be used with the factory downpipe or can be used without the adapter and bolted directly to the COBB 3" downpipe. Engine resonance and turbo noises are amplified but still kept in check through the 10" resonator and COBB stamped mufflers. Aesthetics are improved from the rear of the vehicle with dual-walled 4" tips featuring the COBB logo.


Click for more Information on GESI Catted Downpipe

Free up your Mk7 GTI's engine with the COBB 3" GESI catted Downpipe! This direct replacement for the factory downpipe features a 200 cell count high flow catalytic converter and 304 stainless steel tubing. The machined turbo flange and 4" flex section ensure perfect OEM-like fitment. All of these features combine to provide a free flowing exhaust outlet for high energy exhaust gases to reduce turbo back pressure and increase turbo efficiency.

Click for more Information on the COBB Knob

The COBB Knob is designed to keep those extended shifting sessions exhilarating. The billet aluminum base is anodized in your choice of red or black to help set the mood and is internally threaded to provide a tight fit onto the shifter shaft that won't come loose in the most frenzied of gear changes. The satin black or white delrin knob feels incredible and has a perfectly round contour to fit right in the palm of your hand. The package is complete with a COBB logo boldly laser etched into the base to let everyone know whose knob you hold. The knob weighs in at a lightweight 117 grams, encouraging fast, smooth thrusts into every gear. Spin on a COBB Knob and go for a ride!

Click for more Information on the COBB Boost Tap

Utilize the COBB Boost Tap for your VW GTI to cleanly gain access to a boost reference. This installs between the factory MAP sensor and intake manifold and allows for one boost reference line. Includes required hardware for installation as well as a set screw for capping the port if needed.

MAPerformance is your #1 supplier of MK7 VW GTI Aftermarket Performance Parts! If you have any questions about these kits or individual parts feel free to give us call.

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