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Formula Drift-Spec 240SX Drift Car makes big numbers | Single Cam KA24 Dyno Results

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

SOHC KA24E powered "green dinosaur" is a unique Formula Drift Spec 240SX Drift Car. This week, it found it's way on our Dyno.

If you've been following along with our blog over the past few weeks, you may recognize Eric Moen's green Formula Drift-Spec machine and his custom, MAP fabricated exhaust manifold. We covered the fabrication of the manifold and showed you a picture of it installed in the 240SX drift car. Along with a long list of other modifications, this car is the only Formula D-Spec drift car in Minnesota and one of the few in the midwest. We have to admit, this car is cool. Click here to view the Dyno video! Eric made the short trip from Minneapolis to Cottage Grove, and eagerly pulled onto our Dyno rollers earlier this week for some baseline tuning and a few dyno pulls. After some mechanical mishaps that required a new fuel pump, the SOHC KA24E-T drift car made an impressive 505whp and 440wtq at 23 psi. Eric says he's excited to "finally have a usable powerband that caps at 7,700rpms"! 240sx drift car dyno graph The car has a built single cam Nissan KA motor and port work consisting of a 4 angle valve job, full race port with pocketed combustion chamber, and an O&J stage 2 KA24 camshaft running 286 duration. The motor has been jumpstarted with ACL Duraglide Bearings, Eagle Rods, Wiseco .20 over pistons, ARP head/main studs, all balanced and blueprinted with all new timing components and hardware. Hot side consists of a one-off MAP custom exhaust manifold and downpipe with a Turbosmart Hypergate45, rigged up to a Precision Turbo and Engines 5858 turbocharger and a full-size Mishimoto intercooler to complete the cold side. Fueling is designated via Fuel Injector Clinic 1100cc injectors and -10an fuel lines and fittings, tuned for boost on E85 via an AEM EMS. Power is put to the ground via a Spec stage 5 unsprung 6-puck clutch. The car sits on Stance GR+ Pro Coils and Energy Suspension bushings all around. The Formula Drift-spec 240SX gets it's stopping power from K-Sport Pro Comp brakes and a K-Sport Hydro e-brake. Many mods have been made to the chassis in accordance with Forumla Drift rules. 240sx drift car We can't wait to see this car on the track in the upcoming drift season. Be on the lookout for the car that has been aptly nicknamed the "green dinosaur" by car and drift enthusiasts alike!

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  • Emir : July 25, 2017

    Dear Maperfomance,

    Can I know what kind of standalone ecu did you use ? What do you recommend regarding a built SOHC KA ?

    Best regards,

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