Verus Engineering - Now Available At MAPerformance!

Verus Engineering - Now Available At MAPerformance!

Feb 19, 2021Matthew Rogers


Verus Engineering - Engineered for Enthusiasts by Enthusiasts


In 2014, a group of Motorsports engineers joined together and began a journey into revolutionizing the aftermarket industry. That group of engineers is now known as Verus Engineering, and they have brought a vast amount of Motorsports knowledge to the industry in order to create cutting edge products for many popular vehicles such as the Subaru WRX & STI, BRZ/FR-S/86, 10th Gen Honda Civic, A90 Toyota Supra, Volkswagen Golf and more!


What Sets Them Apart?

Computer Aided Design (CAD):

Having experience in a wide range of design techniques, including sheet metal, simple 3D designs, and surfacing techniques allows Verus to bring to life nearly anything they can imagine.


Reverse Engineering:

Verus can reverse engineer, improve upon, and then produce components for every sub-system of the car. With an extensive background in each of these systems, including but not limited to the engine system, heat exchanges, suspensions components, driveline, and aerodynamic components, Verus can handle nearly any project at hand.


Computer Aided Engineering (CAE):

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) utilized internally helps Verus design end tanks for heat exchanges that increase heat rejection and decrease pressure drop, find possible bottlenecks within a system, and efficiently design products like manifolds. Externally, it allows them to predict how components will affect a vehicle's lift (down-force), drag, and aerodynamic balance. FEA is another process they utilize that allows them to test complex shapes and loads on components that would otherwise be very difficult to estimate through hand calculations.


3D Scanning:

A highly accurate, and portable, 3D scanner offers improved engineering capabilities. Verus can scan most objects with ease, which can greatly help in reverse and design engineering products.


What Products Do They Offer?


Verus Engineering offers a wide variety of products for all of you motorsports enthusiasts out there. From aerodynamics to cooling, drivetrain, engine and more, Verus Engineering has you covered!


Aerodynamics & Exterior Styling

Performance Aerodynamics and Exterior Accessories

Verus Engineering offers a variety of expertly designed exterior components that enhance your vehicle's aerodynamic performance as well as its visual appeal. Spoilers, Diffusers, Front Splitters, Side Skirts, Canards... Verus Engineering continues to exceed expectations and provides exterior components at the cutting edge of the industry.


Cooling Components

Performance Cooling Solutions

Another specialty of Verus Engineering is their performance cooling solutions. Whether you need some hood vents to improve your air intake, a high performance radiator to increase cooling capacity, or kits that help maximize your brake system's cooling efficiency, Verus has a variety of products to help you out!


Drivetrain & Engine

Engine & Drivetrain Performance Parts

Last, but certainly not least, Verus Engineering offers a healthy selection of components that will improve your vehicle's engine and drivetrain. If you need a replacement clutch fork, aftermarket driveshaft, performance Air/Oil Separator, or even if you just want to improve the appearance of your engine bay with some new fluid caps, you've come to the right place.



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