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Ice Cream Cruise 2021 | MAPerformance

Cher Lee  August 18 2021

Ice Cream Cruise 2021 - Photo Credit Kyle Loftis

Photo Credit: Kyle Loftis

Having started in the mid-2000s on the streets as a meet and cruise style event, the Ice Cream Cruise eventually moved to a baseball stadium, then outgrew that to where it is now in 2021 at the Raceway Park of the Midlands in Pacific Junction, IA. With that came ice cream, cars, a dyno, a race track and puppies and that’s exactly what’s to be expected when attending this event brought to you by 1320Video and Owners Pride. This annual event brings in over 1500 cars of all makes, models, generations, and involves a dyno shootout, burnout contest and a car show displaying backyard-built & very questionable DOT-approved cars to wild high-horsepower exotics! If you were ever looking to expand your mind on car modifying possibilities, this was definitely one to have attended.

As we arrived on Saturday morning, cars were already flowing in and crowds lined the merch booths. A two mile long race track was being used to line the 1500+ cars up that were involved in the car show. Unfortunately, mother nature didn’t cooperate and left the day to be a damp & muggy car show and dyno shootout with no racing. Throughout the day between the 45 minute food-truck lines and damp grass, the diversity of cars made it all worth sticking around for as the Top 50 of the show were announced that evening. Sunday was short-lived as we had to make our 6 hour venture back to Minnesota but be sure to check out our YouTube channel as we were able to link up with one of the racers putting down some big numbers from a unique build.  

The following are a few of our favorites from Saturday’s show,

Subaru at 2021 Ice Cream Cruise
Toyota at 2021 Ice Cream Cruise
Mitsubishi at 2021 Ice Cream Cruise
On the track at the Ice Cream Cruise 2021
Nismo Ice Cream Cruise 2021
Sexy engine at Ice Cream Cruise 2021
Evo 3 at Ice Cream Cruise 2021
Classic Car show at Ice Cream Cruise 2021
Under the hood at Ice Cream Cruise 2021

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