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FL2K - Bringing the Heat to the Hottest State

Cher Pheng Lee  November 02 2021


The fastest of the fast in Florida.

Posted by Cher Pheng Lee, 2 November 2021

FL2K 2021 @ Bradenton Motorsports Park

As someone who's previously attended multiple race events around the nation including TX2K held in Texas, I was extremely excited to see what FL2K/Florida had in store as I knew there'd be a ton of extremely fast cars. Having followed a lot of the shops and bigger players who've attended in the past events, I knew to expect multiple twin turbo high-horsepower exotics alongside the high horsepower garage-built tuner cars!


Upon arrival, of course the first cars in sight were multiple R8s and Huracans without rear bumpers with huge turbos exposed. Walking down the pits was nothing short of surprises as there were the big single turbo MKIV Supras as well as the MKV Supras with fat slicks. Along with those were plenty of drag Hondas, other 2JZ powered vehicles, some twin turbo mustangs and a few Audis equipped with slicks on all four corners.

What more variety could one ask for at a high horsepower gathering such as FL2K??

Really though, what more could a horsepower hungry enthusiast ask for when attending an event such as this?? I couldn't think of anything that was left out except the classic big block domestics.

Quite the variety of fast cars

MAPerformance is no stranger high performance vehicles so we decided to go straight to the action in the staging lanes to see it all first hand. With it being 2021, seeing crazy hybrid builds such as civics with slicks on all 4 corners was not unusual running single digit times down the 1/4 mile. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are still s13 240sx's running single times on simple straight-forward turbo setups!

That's the best thing about these types of events. Whether you like old cars with simple set ups that are straight to the point or if you're looking for a mash up of the decades' trial-n-error ideas, you'll definitely find a fast car that you really like.


With all the high performance cars roaming around for the weekend of FL2K, Bradenton and surrounding areas were filled with thousands and thousands of horsepower (not to mention money) especially when driving around and seeing a line of Huracans, GTRs, and Vipers driving around town on slicks. Unfortunately, we weren't able to attend the after hours events but as we all know, those can always be found on someone's Youtube or social media post at the end of the day. If you've ever thought about attending to watch or see if you're able to hang with the big boys, this is a highly recommended event if you've ever wanted an excuse to visit Florida.

Check the rest of the photos here!

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