BRAUM Seats for Sale at MAPerformance!

BRAUM Seats for Sale at MAPerformance!

Nov 05, 2021Matthew Rogers
BRAUM Racing Seats

BRAUM Racing Seats And Safety Equipment


So… Who Is BRAUM Anyways?

When BRAUM first entered the market, there weren’t a whole lot of options out there for enthusiasts who wanted racing seats and motorsports safety equipment that struck a nice balance between price and quality. BRAUM saw this right away, and they wanted to make a splash in the world of motorsports.

And what a splash they made. BRAUM set out and succeeded in developing their own line of racing equipment that could meet the needs of automotive enthusiasts everywhere. Since then, BRAUM has become a name that is practically synonymous with functionality, high quality, and affordability.

BRAUM Seats, Harnesses, and Harness Bars

What BRAUM Brings To The Table

BRAUM offers everything needed to equip motorsports enthusiasts with the safety, performance, and peace of mind needed to succeed both on and off the track. BRAUM has racing seats, application-specific seat brackets, harnesses, harness bars, and other accessories that have all been designed to provide a safe and comfortable racing experience.

BRAUM racing seats, safety equipment, and accessories are designed, inspected, and assembled here in the United States to ensure that each product meets their high expectations and strict specifications.

BRAUM stands behind their products. In fact, BRAUM is so confident in their racing seats, safety equipment and accessories that all of their products comes with a limited lifetime warranty against structural defects. That’s how you know they take it seriously.

BRAUM Alpha-X Series

Why BRAUM Racing Seats Are Right For You

As you may have noticed, safety and performance are a kind of a big deal in the world of motorsports. When it comes to racing seats and safety equipment, if they don’t do their job, you end up paying the price. So, it should please you to know that BRAUM always prioritizes function over form. They believe that each product should perform its function well for a long time.

This mindset and their passion for racing keeps BRAUM at the forefront of motorsports innovation, providing the best deals for the everyday enthusiast. And we at MAPerformance are happy to pass those deals along to you.


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