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Three Tips on Selecting an Evo X aftermarket Clutch | Competition Clutch Authorized Dealer Q+A

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

For most, choosing the proper clutch for the Evolution X is tough. Competition Clutch has offered three tips on how to chose the best Evo X aftermarket clutch.

Competition Clutch is the fastest growing Mitsubishi clutch kit manufacturing company in the United States thanks to their low failure rate and excellent customer service. All units are developed right here in the U.S. and each prototype goes through rigorous research and development. Competition Clutch has one of the best warranties and highest rated customer service in the industry, and they aim to be the Evo VII-X aftermarket clutch leader!

What clutch do I need?

One of the most daunting tasks in a clutch replacement is deciding which clutch is best - not the process of dropping the transmission or the long hours and greasy fingers. After all, doing a clutch install once, just to take it apart again because of a poor decision is the last thing anybody wants. Here are some things to remember before pulling the trigger on a kit.


The first thing to consider for most should be drive-ability. How often will you be using the car, and under what conditions? If the car is daily driven, you may want to go with an OEM or stage 1 kit as it will provide the best life and durability over time. Drive-ability is often dictated by the pressure plate. Pressure plates contribute to the "heaviness" of the clutch pedal since they provide the clamping force of the whole component. Competition Clutch stage 2 through stage 5 use the same pressure plate diaphragm, meaning those kits will allow for the same, smooth driving experience and offer great drive-ability while offering superior holding power at high-horsepower levels.

Notice the identical pressure plate between the stage 2 and stage 5 kit below. evo x aftermarket clutch stage 2 kitevo x aftermarket clutch stage 5 kit The second thing to consider is disc type. Full faced, sprung clutches are more desirable for street applications. Puck style discs are better suited for high performance applications. Sprung clutches are preferred for street use and un-sprung clutches are favored for racing applications. Un-sprung units allow for better shifts at high RPM's because they are lighter than their sprung counterpart. The most common clutch upgrade for the Evo X is a Stage 2 Competition Clutch since it retains stock driveability. It offers a significant upgrade in torque holding capacity, allowing you to drive the car harder. A disc type commonly found on track driven Evo 10's is the twin and triple disc's since they offer more gripping surface by using multiple discs. These clutches offer the strongest holding power with the greatest power ratings exceeding 1500+hp. evo x aftermarket clutch twin disc review The last thing to take into consideration is the material of the disc. Other than unique or specialized compositions, clutches are generally manufactured with the following:

  • Organic
  • Kevlar
  • Ceramic
  • Feramic
  • Carbon
  • Sintered Iron
Competition Clutch uses two of the most common materials - Organic and Ceramic. Organic is known for its long life expectancy and smoother engagement, with broad operating temperature. Organic clutches will take hard use but are prone to overheating. Ceramic material clutches have a very high temperature threshold with a more aggressive engagement. Ceramic material will wear the flywheel surface faster, especially if slipped or overheated excessively. Due to it’s intrinsic properties, ceramic has a high temperature range but shorter life. Take a look at the differences between a stage 2 organic and a stage 4 ceramic. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two is color - organic is ususally a darker grey/black, where a ceramic unit is generally brown or gold. evo x aftermarket clutch stage 2 installationevo x aftermarket clutch stage 4 Hopefully this post cleared up some of the questions or insecurities you may have about replacing the clutch in your Evolution 10. Hopefully you're considering Competition Clutch versus Exedy or ACT. You wont be disappointed with Comps quality product! Own an Evo 7/8/9? Comp has clutches for those cars too! Stay tuned to the MAP blog for more information on those!

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  • Emmanuel Perez: November 10, 2015

    Good article.

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    Thomas KristiansenThomas the owner of 3DX evolution

  • Michael Foller: November 10, 2015

    Comp clutch kit twin disc with flywheel and cmc

  • Chad McCurdy: November 10, 2015

    Well I guess I didn’t learn anything new.

  • Mick Salinas: November 10, 2015

    Exedy triple done

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    Fo freeeeeeee!

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