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Big Turbo SRT4 makes 450+whp | Remarkable Neon SRT 4 Customer Car!

Dan Carey  May 08 2019

A dedicated MAP Customer owns this big turbo SRT4. How fast is it? The car makes 490+whp and runs 11's at Albuquerque National Dragway.

This fast SRT 4 has seen it all. From the mountains of rural New Mexico to the strip at Albuquerque National Dragway, it's provided smiles for both owners and spectators alike, on countless occasions. What started as a stock daily driver, it's seen upgrades that have transformed it from your run of the mill turbocharged four-door into a high-boost, speed hungry sedan. big turbo srt4 at track Isaiah G purchased the car in 2011 from a humble gentleman in New Mexico who kept it mostly stock. Isaiah daily drove it for a while before upgrading the turbo and exhaust manifold, and adding an AGP Front Mount Intercooler with HKS BOV, and cold air intake. The Mopar fuel injection system was upgraded with a Walbro 255 to support more boost, and BC coilovers were installed to help with launch stability. The big turbo SRT4 was eventually tuned to 20psi, making an impressive 399whp. big turbo srt4 photoshoot While the mods were great on the street, Isaiah decided he wanted more. He purchased a different daily driver and decided to turn the SRT-4 into a weekend warrior. First things first, the big turbo SRT4 needed more boost, so he contacted MAP and ordered a Precision Turbo and Engine 6262 turbocharger. While keeping the other mods, he turned up the boost to 26psi. Results from the huge 6262 turbo were astounding. The car ran mid 11's, making 493whp/481wtq on the stock motor. stock motor with big turbo srt4 After a year of successfully running this turbo, Isaiah could sense the stock long block was getting worn out. The car hit the garage once again, and Isaiah called up his friends at MAPerformance for some more parts. Inbound was a large box of goodies, including: built motor with big turbo srt4With some professional port work to the heads and the addition of a tubular exhaust manifold, the engine went back together and has been running great ever since! Isaiah's best time on this setup has been 11.20 @ 140mph. The ultimate goal for Isaiah is to make mid 10's, but for now he admits to needing to improve his 060ft time and to improve his shifting. We'll report back when we hear from Isaiah with news of breaking the 10 second mark. We're hoping to see some final dyno numbers as well. Who knows, he might even be one of the fastest SRT4's! Stay tuned to the MAPerformance Blog so you don't miss that update!

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  • Jonathan: September 04, 2018

    Hello, I am a proud owner of a 2005 White SRT-4 in Albuquerque. Curious if this build is still on going or if car is still around improving times?

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