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Evo 8 Cylinder Head Porting | Competitve Pricing on Ported Evo 8/9 Heads For Sale

Posted on 21 March 2014

Replacing your Evo 8 Cylinder Head Gasket? Why Not Get Some Great Port and Polishing Work Done to Your Evolution 8/9 Cylinder Head While You're at it?

We've recently made some pricing changes to our Stage 5 Evo 8/9 Cylinder heads, making them more affordable. Keep in mind, these changes do not lower the quality of the port work, rather directly relate to the cost of the item. You're still going to receive the same superb port work you always expect from MAPerformance. These heads have been proven to make 1000+whp in both of our in-house 4G63 race cars. We feel this is the best performing cylinder head on the market, period. evo 8 cylinder head ported inlet   When purchasing an Evo 8 Cylinder Head upgrade, you are free to provide your own valves, seals, guides, springs, and retainers. If you're unsure of which items you will need to produce optimal results, feel free to call up our sales team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Looking to make 1000+whp? We can set you up with the components to reach that mark. Looking for a 500whp daily driver? Even better. We've done plenty of these builds and have the data needed to produce those numbers. What's included in this great price?
  • Cleaning / Hot Tanking of your 4G63 head.
  • Visual Evaluation and Inspection
  • Deck Resurfacing to High Performance RA Specs
  • Proprietary MAP 5 Angle Radius Valve Job
  • MAP Stage 5 Porting and Polishing
  • Final Assembly
  • Outbound Shipping
Once you receive your ported Evo 8/9 Cylinder Head, getting your car back on the road is easy. Simply re-install your ported head using our Cometic head gasket and ultimate duty H11 Evo 8 head stud kit. When building a high horsepower Evo 8/9, this cylinder head porting package is a MUST for producing race-car type numbers! Take a look at this flow chart and see for yourself. Stock flow numbers versus final flow numbers shows an increase of almost 20%. evo 8 cylinder head flow chart

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