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If you need a new cylinder head for your performance vehicle, trust Modern Automotive Performance to protect your investment and provide a significant boost in power.

We won’t mince words: These cylinder heads are some of the most expensive items we have for sale. Cylinder heads are right there at the engine, housing the pistons that help you scream down the track on race day. If you’re here, that means you are not messing around.

And neither are we. Since 2006, we’ve been working with engine components of all sorts, testing how they perform on the track. At these prices, we’re not going to waste your time or money with something that we wouldn’t trust in our own personal projects. That’s why you’ll find cylinder heads from some of the most respected names in the industry, including Brian Crower, Golden Eagle and Tomei.

We also can prepare your existing cylinder head for a variety of stages. Whether you want to simply ensure your head is in good working order for a performance vehicle, or overhaul it for serious racing, our machining process will return that head to better than new status.

Contact us today and tell us about your project and how you want to drive it. Our staff of mechanics will walk you through all the services we provide and all the options that are available, from the main combustion chambers right down to the springs and retainers. This is a major investment, after all, and we understand how important that is. Every one of our mechanics started out just like you, holding down a job and working on their dream car in their spare time.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we work toward being your personal pit crew. We do that with excellent customer service, fast order packing, outstanding shipping rates and a Loyalty Rewards program that puts cash in your wallet for your next project.