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  • Full Blown Cast 70mm Throttle Body (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9) - Modern Automotive Performance
  • Full Blown Cast 70mm Throttle Body (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9) - Modern Automotive Performance

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    Full Blown Cast 70mm Throttle Body (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9)

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    Full Blown Cast 70mm Throttle Body (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9) - Modern Automotive Performance

    Full Blown is proud to announce the completion of the FBM Mitsubishi Evo 8-9 Pro-V throttle body. They realized that there was a need for an affordable throttle body with an OEM look and superior quality. They have done extensive tests on the prototypes to ensure that there are no issues with leaks and to optimize performance. The Dyno graphs below were done with a stock non-ported intake manifold. FB bolted their throttle body on and did a back to back runs. The throttle bodies will come complete with all hardware and gaskets.

    Customer Reviews

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    MAP made it right.....NOT Full Blown!!

    Ordered a Full Blown throttle body from MAP. It was dropped shipped from Full Blown's warehouse. It arrived via FedEx damaged. I called and sent pics to MAP. They had to contact Full Blown for advise on what they want to do. I ordered it 2nd day so it would arrive in time for a race that weekend. Full Blown only offered $20 for the damage throttle body. Pretty crappy if you ask me.....but what choice did I have. I had a race to do......MAP took care of it and sent me a cam sensor cover for the problem.

    I will think twice before I by a Full Blown item again!!!!

    PROPS for MAP!!! for taking care of the

    great part

    got this tb to go with a map rev 3 im but have yet to get the im. put this on a stock im and it woke the car up. i cant wat to pair this with the rev 3 and a set of cams.

    4 Star Unit, Giving It 5 To Offset my Previous 1.

    A year and a half after I bought it, after experiencing the last 6 months of idle problems, I went to clean it and found the inlet crushed by the t-bolt clamp connecting the UICP.

    It turns out I used the wrong size t-bolt clamp (3", 79mm/87mm) and it crushed it. Make sure you use the right size T-bolt (2.75") or just use a worm!

    This throttle body was mostly like stock during it's life except for a chronic stickiness that would cause it to jump when trying to roll on the throttle. This was pretty annoying and caused you to modify your driving style but other than that it was a good unit. If not for that I would have given it 5 stars.

    I paired this with my Rev3 Intake Manifold

    I've had this installed this 70mm Throttle Body along with the MAP Rev3 Intake Manifold which was port matched to the 70mm inlet on my Evo 8 for almost a year no with out any issues. I have seen some people over tighten the t bolt clamps and break these throttle bodies so be careful. Performance gains we obvious and my tuner was happy with the results. The porting work the MAP team does is second to none in my opinion, I've owned other ported evo intakes and this combo of the Rev3 and 70mm TB is by far the best for my setup.

    Increased throttle response

    Purchased this a month ago to go with my ported stock intake manifold to try and gain some more top end flow with my PTE 6262 as well as increase throttle response. The cast look goes great with the cast stock manifold not looking out of place like many of the billet alternatives. Fitment is good, people with large feedlines and fuel rail configurations may have to change fittings around to accommodate the larger throttle body and billet shaft. Be careful when installing your coupler and clamp or you will crack the lip!