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Every shift, whether it’s smooth or a little grindy, runs the risk of wearing the gears in your transmission down. Those bits of metal are captured in a transmission filter that keeps your fluid effective at lubricating your system.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we know exactly how important the transmission is to performance driving. That’s why we recommend not fudging around with your manufacturer’s recommendations about changing fluid. And when it comes to changing your filter, we offer standard OEM filters and upgrades that surpass recommended specifications. A stainless steel transmission filter from South Side Performance, for instance, features premium aluminum and a unique design that allows for 300 percent more surface area over screen-style filters.

If you’re ready to change out your transmission fluid, contact us today. We’ll tell you exactly how these transmission filters can help prolong the life of your system. You’ll also enjoy our fast shipping, competitive prices and the extra cash our Loyalty Rewards program gives you. more