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Remember how your parents and teachers loved to tell you that timing is everything? When it comes to automotive performance, they’re never been more right. Engine valves need to open and close at certain times during a cycle, and the timing mechanism maintains this sequence, rotating the crankshaft and camshaft in perfect harmony for great performance. Whether you’re doing routine maintenance or are looking for that little extra edge, we have DSM timing belts, chains, tensioners and other timing components to get the job done.

Even if you’re not a professional racer, timing components still need to be replaced on a regular basis, and we have a great selection of DSM timing belts and timing chains. Our fitment tool will quickly guide you to which parts fit your vehicle. If you are pushing the limits on the regular, aftermarket components such as the GReddy Extreme Timing Belt are engineering to resist heat and maintain proper timing even after being stretched by use. We also have performance belt tensioners for fine-tuning your belts, along with tensioner adjusters that automatically adjust for belt wear over time.

The serpentine belt is a lesser-known but still important part of your timing system, and a Gates Racing Micro-V serpentine belt has triple the strength and heat resistance of a stock belt. With this kind of performance, you’ll always have power flowing to your alternator, air conditioning unit, power steering pump and water pump. You can’t forget about the pulleys that each belt spins on either, and a Boomba Racing aluminum pulley kit includes four different pulleys engineered to reduce both mass and inertia for better torque and throttle response.

If you’re doing a rebuild or need to overhaul your entire timing system, we’ve put together DSM timing belt kits that include premium Gates Racing timing belts along with tensioners, pulleys and a water pump adjuster. We also have balancer belts, idler sprockets, bolt kits and other essential components. Get the timing right on your ride with assistance from our in-house experts and free shipping on qualifying orders.