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Tein S.Tech Lowering Springs (Evo) - Modern Automotive Performance
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Tein S.Tech Lowering Springs (Evo)
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Tein S.Tech Springs DSM - Modern Automotive Performance
Starting At $288.00

Tein S.Tech Springs DSM
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Tein suspension components make your vehicle handle better and gives you more flexibility in how you want to set up the vehicle. Whether for racing or comfort, Tein has the suspension parts to give you the ability to change how your vehicle acts on the roads, at rally events or in circuit events. The company’s policy is to make the best products that use the newest technology.

Because people like to customize their vehicles, Tein started to make specialized dampers that were tailored to a customer’s preference. The company used requests from its customers to further improve its suspension products. The company makes two types of shocks: mono-tube and twin-tube. With this choice, you can still get Tein quality no matter which type you feel is better. Generally, mono-tube shocks are used for racing and twin-tube shocks are used to give a smooth, comfortable ride on the street.

Tein’s manufacturing process uses a machine that was used in gun manufacturing to drill the hole in the piston rod. This is an extremely accurate machine, which means that the dampening force is open to fine adjustments, making the perfect ride for the application. Tein continues to use new, cutting-edge technology to make its shocks.

After Tein’s cutting-edge manufacturing process, shocks are tested by compressing them over 10 million times, which is equal to about 5 years of use. The testing process takes about 60 days. Thus, you can be sure that when you purchase Tein shocks, you are getting a product that will do what you want for many years. Additionally, the shocks are tested on all types of road and track conditions. Finally, the shocks are treated with a coating to discourage rust. They are tested by spraying salt water on them for over 96 hours to ensure that the coating will protect the shocks from rust, even in areas with heavy snowfall.

When you want the best for your vehicle, look at Tein shocks. With free shipping and insurance for purchases over $249 and 2 percent cash back through MAPerformance loyalty points, you know you are getting a quality affordable product when you choose Tein shock absorbers. Tein products include shocks, coil over kits, adjustment wrenches, lowering springs and Active Pro controller kits.