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Voodoo13 Hydraulic Handbrake (HYHB-0101)

$384.00 $417.00
You Save 8% ($ 33.00)

Experienced drivers know that upgrades to systems that have nothing to do with the engine can still lead to higher finish times. Modern Automotive Performance offers a wide variety of performance options for brakes and suspension systems.

BRAKES: Race driving doesn’t mean flooring the gas pedal the whole time. Braking is a critical part of handling curves — using your brakes effectively at the right moment can shave seconds off your lap times. An upgrade to performance brakes will ensure you can stop just as effectively as you can take off.

SUSPENSION: The movement of your car can be affected by external factors such as the wind or slopes in the road. Add that to each decision you make about acceleration or steering, and that means your car is wobbling like crazy. A performance suspension system will neutralize those extra movements and keep your center of gravity in the same place.

No matter what you drive, upgrades to these two systems will help you enjoy your car even more. Are you getting your car ready for the track in pursuit of trophies? Or do you have a new car that you’d like to enjoy driving more on a Sunday afternoon or Saturday night? Modern Automotive Performance has the answer for you.

We carry rotors, calipers, springs, struts and so much more. We don’t waste time selling you products we wouldn’t install on our own cars: We carry the industry’s most respected brands, including Girodisc, Megan Racing, Cosworth, Russell Performance and much more.

Contact us today and tell us what you drive and how you’d like to drive it. We want to be your personal pit crew, so we’ll point you to the best systems and components for the best prices. We’ll even walk you through the installation process, sharing some of the tips and tricks we’ve picked up in our decades of collective experience.

No matter how you like to drive, Modern Automotive Performance will be there for every mile of it.

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