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Let Modern Automotive Performance help you dominate on the track with an upgraded suspension system from Silver’s.

Races are won on curves. Straightaways may be catch-up spots, but if your car can’t keep its stability and handling when you’re turning the wheel, the seconds you lose will rip trophies out of your hands. We’ve seen time and time again how a good performance suspension system makes a difference in high-stakes racing, and any serious racing enthusiast shouldn’t enter competitive scenes without an investment into their suspension.

We don’t care how powerful your engine is: A stock suspension is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. With Silver’s Neomax coilovers in your arsenal, you’ll be ready for war.

These coilovers are loaded with innovation, including adjustable camber plates, pillowball top mounts, linear piston design and unique locking collars. They are fully height adjustable via the lower mount, meaning you don’t have to change your preload. Fine tuning will be a breeze.

Silver’s uses a combination of superior metals strategically: While the camber plates are made from T6 6061 aluminum with an anodized finish, the lower mounts feature strong steel.

The coilover kits also have options available, including radial bearings for quieter, smoother operation and rear adjustment extenders to easily make on-the-fly adjustments when dealing with hard-to-reach dampening adjusters.

What kind of performance vehicle do you have, and what are your racing aspirations? Contact us today: Our gearheads have run their fair share of races, and they’ll tell you exactly how a set of Silver’s Neomax coilovers will help you accomplish your goals. We’ll help you pick the right ones and share tips and tricks we’ve learned for a successful installation. With our low prices, outstanding shipping rates and instant order packing, you’ll enjoy the feeling of having Modern Automotive Performance as part of your pit crew.