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As you upgrade your engine for more power, make sure it gets the oil it needs with an ACL Orbit Performance oil pump from Modern Automotive Performance.

High-performance engines are needy. Every system and subsystem needs more of the thing that makes it work. A turbocharger sends more air. A performance fuel system feeds more fuel. An upgraded exhaust system pulls out more exhaust. It logically follows that a standard oil pump on an engine with all sorts of enhancements isn’t going to provide adequate oil distribution for proper lubrication.

Our staff of grease monkeys has combined decades of experience working on performance engines, and they’ve tested countless products to see if they work as advertised. ACL’s line of Orbit Performance oil pumps have passed all of our tests for quality and reliability.

Premium materials go into each one, including die cast ADC-12 aluminum for the housing and reduced weight steel copper alloy gerotor sets. They meet and exceed OEM standards for oil flow and pressure, and have been thoroughly tested before shipping. You can find an Orbit Performance oil pump for many models, including Mitsubishi, Honda, Subaru, Nissan and more.

What do you drive and how do you want to drive it? Contact us and tell us. We love talking shop with fellow racing enthusiasts, and we’ll be happy to tell you how an Orbit Performance oil pump will help you out, whether you want a simple upgrade for snappier daily driving, or a more advanced rig for competitive racing. We’ll help you with a successful installation, as well.

Our prices, shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program will leave money in your wallet for your next upgrade, and our instant order packing will help you get your pump more quickly. All of that and more is part of our industry-best customer service.