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Rely on quality Megan Racing automotive parts and components from Modern Automotive Performance when upgrading or replacing stock parts on your performance vehicle.

The CEO of Megan Racing started just like us: He was a young automotive enthusiast who threw all his remaining cash into his 1988 Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo. After starting a company dedicated to securing low-cost aftermarket parts, he struggled to find a consistent stream of manufacturers who had the same idea about parts quality as he did. So he invested in an R&D factory.

Now Megan Racing is recognized across the world as a quality brand for exhaust systems, manifolds and headers, mufflers, control arms and tie rods, coilovers, intercoolers and more. Using industry-premium materials. Megan Racing ensures high quality that’s affordable for racers just starting on their own project cars.

That’s why we’re proud to offer a large line of Megan Racing products. We don’t like selling products we wouldn’t install in our own cars, after all. When you are looking for ways to replace stock parts with upgrades that give you a boost in performance, power and handling, fill out your shopping list with these components.

What kind of problems or challenges are you facing in your project? Tell us about them, and we’ll get to work as your personal pit crew. We’ll recommend Megan Racing components and parts that will help you get the competitive edge you seek, whether you’re wanting to dominate at the track or enjoy a Saturday night cruise through town.

Our Loyalty Rewards program will help you stash free cash away for your next project, and our low prices and excellent shipping rates will help you save even more money. Our instant order packing will help you get your order quickly, so you can get to work in the garage. With Modern Automotive Performance, you’ll be well on your way to bringing your automotive dreams to life.