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Lightweight Flywheels —

Heavy feet don’t win races. Any fool who just slams the gas pedal to the floor like they are playing a racing video game doesn’t win a lot of races. Keeping an engine performing at peak efficiency takes masterful use of the clutch and a high-performance transmission that can handle the power of your engine. The flywheel is a critical component of that clutch kit — it keeps your RPM from dropping too far between shifts, and provides better acceleration.

A performance flywheel is a surprisingly versatile upgrade for your transmission. Our mechanics at Modern Automotive Performance swear by a number of lightweight flywheels from manufacturers such as ACT Clutch, Cusco, Powertrain Technology and Competition Clutch. Made from aluminum or steel, they are forged specifically to weigh in more lightly than stock flywheels. The lighter weight helps to maximize friction with the clutch plate. That gives even more acceleration and throttle response.

Some of these models come equipped with a replaceable friction surface, leaving you more money for other upgrades and maintenance. Others have options for whether you prefer to race on the street or track. Our motorheads and grease-monkeys share decades of experience, and they are happy to share what they’ve learned about those different options and configurations. Call or email, and they’ll take on your most detailed questions. After all, this is your investment we’re talking about — you deserve a transmission that can handle the extra load your engine is pushing.

We have an industry-leading reputation for customer service. Our prices are competitive and our shipping is even better — as cheap as free on qualifying items. We love helping your automotive dreams become a reality, and we can’t wait to show you how the right flywheel will help your wheels fly down the track.