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HKS Gasket 75mm Universal EX 2pcs (34001-AK004)
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HKS Gasket 65mm Universal EX 2pcs (34001-AK003)
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HKS Gasket 60mm Universal EX 2pcs (34001-AK002)
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Every gearhead knows that some of the most important components on a vehicle are the likes of manifolds and headers, downpipes and mufflers. Not only can these components improve overall vehicle performance, but such components can also play a big role in noise reduction, fuel economy and maintaining a healthy, well-operating engine. At Modern Automotive Performance, we're pleased to carry some of the highest-quality aftermarket exhaust components to help you take your vehicle's performance to custom, high-octane levels.

Scroll this page to browse our selection of mufflers, exhaust systems, manifolds and headers, downpipes and J pipes, resonators, O2 housings and turbo outlets, and gaskets and other hardware. As an authorized dealer of aftermarket parts, we're pleased to carry leading brands, such as Tomei, ETS, and AMS. We also design, engineer and manufacture our own in-house brand, the MAPerformance line. In fact, one of our best selling products is our MAP Investment Cast EVO X Exhaust Manifold. What's more, is we offer free shipping and insurance on all parts priced $199 and up, of which the vast majority of our exhaust products qualify for. And while we're a U.S.-based company, we ship worldwide - and we're able to ship product up to six days a week.

While the exhaust system may be an afterthought for some dealers, it's a priority for us. That's why we're sure to only offer the highest quality assortment of parts, and we're proud to provide an exceptional level of customer service to boot. Ask us today about our financing options and how you can earn 2 percent cash back through our MAPerformance loyalty program. Let us be your partner in all things aftermarket for your vehicle. If you have any questions about any of our parts or need help selecting which one is right for your vehicle, feel free to contact us today for assistance. Also be sure to connect with us by checking out our YouTube channel for user reviews and additional information about offered parts.