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Enkei RPF1 / 18x9.5 5x+15mm Offset 73mm Bore SBC Wheel

Enkei RPF1 / 18x9.5 / 5x114.3 / 15mm Offset / 73mm Bore Silver Wheel (379-895-6515SP)

Enkei Racing NT03+M Wheels - 18x9.5 - 5x108 (365-895-3140)

Enkei RPF1 / 18x9.5 / 5x114.3 / 15mm Offset / 73mm Bore Black Wheel

Enkei RPF1 / 18x9.5 / 5x100 / 38mm Offset 73mm Bore Black Wheel - Exclusive Tony Angelo Edition

Enkei NT03+M / 18x9.5 / 5x114.3 / 27mm Offset / 72.6mm Bore F1 Silver Wheel

Enkei NT03+M / 18x9.5 / 5x100 / 40mm Offset Black Wheel (365-895-8040BK)

RS05-RR 18x9.5 22mm Offset 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern 75 Bore Matte Gunmetal Wheel by Enkei

Enkei Racing NT03+M Wheels - 18x9.5 - 5x100 - Gunmetal (365-895-8040GM)

Enkei Vanquish White NT03+M Wheels - 18x9.5in/5x114.3mm (365-895-6540WP)

Enkei RS05-RR 18x9.5" 5x114.3 Titanium Gold Wheel (484-895-6522GG)

Raijin 18x9.5 15mm Inset 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern 72.6 Bore Diameter Matte Black Wheel by Enkei

Enkei RPF1 5x114.3 18x9.5" +15mm Offset Wheels in Gloss Black

Kojin 18x9.5 15mm Inset 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern 72.6mm Bore Dia Matte Silver Wheel by Enkei

RPF1 18x9.5 5x114.3 45mm Offset 73mm Bore Silver Wheel by Enkei

T6S 18x9.5 15mm Offset 5x114.3 Bolt Pattern 72.6 Bore Matte Silver Wheel by Enkei

Enkei TS9 5x114.3 18" Matte Black Wheels

Enkei Magenta NT03+M 18x9.5/5x114.3/+40mm Offset/72.6mm Bore (365-895-6540MA)

Enkei Purple RPF1 18x9.5/5x114.3/+38mm Offset/73mm Bore (379-895-6538PR)

Enkei Vanquish White NT03+M Wheels - 18x9.5in/5x100mm (365-895-8040WP)

When performance drivers work on their project cars, we see them concentrate on results over appearance. We get very few questions about how parts look, compared to how well parts work, until they get to the tires, and they forget everything they know about function and form.

We’ve been there, after all. We’ve spent hours paging through catalogs of wheels, seeing what kinds of looks are available and envisioning how they would work on our cars.

Quality can’t be an afterthought for wheels, however. They need to be able to handle the demands of performance vehicles, from the fast acceleration to the sudden braking. That’s why we’re proud to offer Enkei wheels for racers.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we’ve never worried about product quality from Enkei. Since 1950, the company has developed high-quality wheels for racing that are made to deliver superior strength and performance. Over the last three decades, the company has developed a worldwide reputation for racing wheels, including rallying, drifting, sports car racing and single-seater racing events.

The company’s composite alloy technologies, casting and forging processes and rigid testing has resulted in some of the most eye-catching, outstanding wheels in the market. Enkei wheels review very highly with performance drivers — there’s a reason the company has been an official supplier to the McLaren F1 team since 1995.

If you’re in the market for Enkei Wheels, Modern Automotive Performance has a full selection available for your Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru WRX and more, including the popular Enkei Wheels RPF1 line.

Contact us today and tell us about your project, and how you want to drive it. Do you have plans for turning heads at a car show or during a cruise night? Or are your sights set on winning trophies at the track? We can point you toward Enkei wheels that will meet your needs exactly. We offer a range of sizes, for those of you who have raised or lowered your suspension. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the color options, which include a variety of bright colors, as well as every shade between bright chrome and matte black.

You’ll love our prices at Modern Automotive Performance. With our product sales, outstanding shipping rates and Loyalty Rewards program, you’ll have a healthy stash of cash for your next upgrade. We’ll get started packing your order as soon as we get it, so you can install your new Enkei wheels quickly and hit the road.

At Modern Automotive Performance, we don’t waste time selling products we wouldn’t install on our own cars. So shop these Enkei wheels with confidence. We’ve seen firsthand how sharp they look and how well they handle a variety of racing events. We’re all about making automotive dreams into reality, and we know you’re going to love how these handle on your project car.

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