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Popular Applications

Driveshafts & Axles

If you’ve spent any amount of time around cars, you’ve heard the saying: it’s not about how much power your engine makes; it’s about how much of that power gets to the wheels. We’ve heard it to, and in fact we say it ourselves. Why? Because it happens to be true. That’s why we have quality performance driveshafts and axles in stop for your vehicle. These parts are the final links in the chain between the engine and the wheels – and to bring up another cliché, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

But we promise you, there’s nothing weak or clichéd about driveshafts and axles from Modern Automotive Performance. After all, we’re a company that keeps a 1992 Eagle Talon TSI AWD coilover spring in stock – in other words, we know our way around cars. We offer the best components from Drive Shaft Shop, Torque Solutions, BLOX Racing and more to increase power and torque. When you put a one-piece or two-piece performance driveshaft on your car, you’ll feel the improvement right away. Thanks to durable aluminum construction that makes them about half the weight of a factory driveshaft, your car will immediately be more responsive, even at high speeds.

The front and rear axles are just as important, and we have quality axles that are designed to be pushed to the limits. It’s easy to think Drive Shaft Shop would just make driveshafts, but DSS axles offer superior performance as well. Created with help from top drift racing teams, these axles are made for engines up to 900 horsepower, yet easily bolt in to your vehicle as a direct factory axle replacement. Tomioka Racing axles are a great choice as well, made from aerospace steel for maximum longevity.

Once you’ve put together your high-performance engine, it’s time to put that power to the ground. MAP has the performance axles and driveshafts to make it happen, along with bushings, spacers, seals and other installation components. Our expert tech team is available to assist you with questions, and our driveshafts and axles all qualify for free shipping. more