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Dinan BMW Parts

Dinan offers a broad range of BMW performance products from engine, driveline and chassis tuning components to complete Dinan Signature Vehicles and special Factory Works programs. As a serious BMW Tuner, Dinan’s objective is to offer complete performance solutions for the entire range of BMW models. We believe that every BMW driver deserves the opportunity to get the most from their car. From faster acceleration to improved cornering capabilites and stopping power, Dinan takes the guess-work out of creating the high performance BMW of the enthusiasts dreams with compete, balanced performance systems.

With massive amounts of R&D behind all the BMW aftermarket parts we build as well as using the best quality materials, such as stainless steel and carbon fiber, our BMW parts aren’t merely just parts; they are portals that allow us take a BMW from good, too great.

All the parts from Dinan come to our customers with the best warranty in the BMW aftermarket business with a BMW factory matching 4 year of 50,000-mile new car warranty. This allows BMW owners to have confidence on our upgrades: we proudly stand behind our work and our warranty guarantees that you’ll be happy.

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Dinan Exhaust Systems

A Dinan exhaust system is among the best on the market. Made from stainless steel, Dinan's exhausts are dyno-tuned to provide maximum horsepower and torque while maintaining a resonance that is both sporty and elegant. Dinan's exhaust systems improve exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, and they are able to extract power and sound without producing that low-RPM-drone found in almost all aftermarket exhaust systems. If you're looking for an aftermarket exhaust system that will improve both the performance and the sound of your car, Dinan is the way to go.

Dinan Intakes

Dinan's cold air intakes are tailored to optimize your engine's performance by dramatically increasing the amount of cooler, fresh air that is fed into the system. Designed to work in harmony with a sealed, fully insulated intake duct that seals around the hood, these custom intake kits essentially help to eliminate any power-robbing vacuum and venting present in stock configurations. By doing so, Dinan's cold air intakes ensure that your engine has access to larger volumes of fresh air, allowing it to run at maximum capacity and perform better than ever before. Whether you're looking for improved throttle response, increased torque and power output, or simply want your vehicle to perform at its absolute best, Dinan's cold air intakes can provide you with all the benefits you need to take your driving experience to the next level. So why wait? Invest in Dinan today and start enjoying all the benefits that come with a truly optimized engine!