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Modern Automotive Performance

Boost Controller Systems & Accessories

It’s easy to think that once you install a new turbocharger, all you do is press on the gas to be on your way to guts, glory and…grandness. (What, were you expecting a different G-word?) But any boost system needs to be tuned properly, and if you’re still lagging at the rear, it could be the factory boost controller holding you back. Rather than depend on these stock trial-and-error systems – which usually include a lot of error – check out MAP’s selection of boost controller systems and accessories. We have both manual boost controllers and electronic boost controllers for tuning your charger to exactly the right level to get your dose of G’s.

Find the best boost controller for an Evo 8, Mazda3 and or any other vehicle and aftermarket system to increase horsepower, torque and throttle response. Systems such as the GrimmSpeed 3-Port Boost Controller Vent to Intake Solenoid work directly with your factory on-board computer, drawing the same amount of power as the stock boost system while flowing better and reacting faster. Just plug them into your OEM harness and you’re ready to tune – and reverse installation for returning to stock is just as easy. If you’re old school, a ProSport Manual Boost Controller makes it simple and inexpensive to spool up and adjust your turbo, with quick installation and locking screws to hold it in place.

Each boost system we offer is made using sturdy long-lasting materials and manufacturing techniques, and we carry both universal-fit and vehicle-specific solutions. If you need accessories such as a Vibrant Performance fuse, AMS boost bill, STM boost leak tester or AEM Tru-Boost gauge, we have those in stock and more. Guarantee a match for your car by using our fitment tool, or contact us by phone or email for expert assistance. With great prices and fast same-day shipping, Modern Automotive Performance makes it easy and affordable to get the most out of your turbocharger no matter how many good G-words you know.