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MAPerformance Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S Turbo Kit Install! Part 4

Erik Blume  July 09 2014

subaru brz turbo kit

Part Four in our Four Part Series: How to install a Subaru BRZ turbo kit!

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Last time we got the charge piping installed in our Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S Turbo Kit. We're almost finished! In this final part, we're going to finish up some fuel upgrades, install the BOV plumbing and catch cans, and get everything buttoned up for first start. Check it out below!

Now, depending on the package you purchase, you may or may not have to do this next step. Our package contained injectors and a fuel pump, so lets get those installed. First, remove the sound generator and cap off the inlet hose with the supplied plug. Then, unplug the connectors at the ECU. Remove the ECU from the Bracket by removing the three 10mm bolts. Set it in a safe place. Remove the ECU bracket by removing the two 12mm bolts. You will now have access to the passenger side injectors. Remove the wiring harness from each injector and remove the fuel rail's two 12mm bolts. Pull each injector out making sure the o-rings come out with them, otherwise use a pic to pull them up. For the drivers side, remove the 1 bolts holding the cover in place. Wiggle the cover out towards the front of the car. Repeat the same process as the passenger side injectors. Remember to use lubricant when installing new injectors so your seals don't tear. Use the supplied adapter harnesses to power the new injectors. Reverse the tear down process to button everything up.

For the Deatshchwerks 65C fuel pump, follow the instructions supplied by DeatschWerks. That instruction guide can be found by clicking here. With fueling done, we can now move onto the final touches. Reinstall the front bumper by following the steps in the oil cooler install guide in reverse order. Start with the air dam, then the underpaneling, and finally the front bumper. Don't forget to plug the turn signals back in. Make sure to install all body clips in the same places them came from. [gallery ids="1040,1041,1042"] With the front bumper back on, it's time for a few more engine accessories. Let's start with the catch can. Start by removing the check valve hose located on the top of the intake manifold. It's the far left hose that leads to the top of the engine block, just behind the manifold. Remove the hose and 19mm fitting from the block. Bring to your work bench and pound out the check valve. A spring and stopper should fall out after enough hammering. Reinstall back on the block. Cut the hose using the image for reference. Using the supplied fitting, zip tie it to the hose. With some spare 7/32" rubber hose, run this up to the blow off valve. Using the remaining chunk of hose from the factory check valve setup, attach it to the CV nipple and left reservoir on the catch can. Find the hose that originally lead to the air box. It should be behind the power steering pump between the intake pipe. Route that under the intake manifold and to the right catch can reservoir. Finally, fasten the catch can to the tabs on the rear of the intake manifold.

Next, install the coolant reservoir. Remove the wiring clip directly under the radiator cap, as well as the far left bolt next to it. The tab on the bottom of the coolant reservoir will go where the clip was, and the tab will attach using the bolt we just removed. Re-use the factory overflow hose to finish it off.

Before finishing up, check to make sure all hoses and oiling components will not rub on the belts of pulleys when you start the car. If necessary, use zip-ties to secure them away from the moving parts. Also, make sure the oil return is not touching the exhaust at any point.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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