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MAPerformance 10th Gen Civic Intercooler & Piping

Charlie Mayne  April 23 2020

Intercoolers and Charge Piping go together hand in hand. So, when we decided we wanted to create an intercooler for the 2017+ Honda Civic 1.5T platform, we knew we'd be doing the Charge Piping simultaneously. Especially with the plans we had to make our shop Si the fastest in the world.

As we increased the boost we knew we'd need a better way to cool the heat and the development of these two products began! 

Today these products are currently available for purchase, and in-stock as a package, or separate from each other. We simply wanted to leave the option of purchasing each product individually, as we're aware that some people are on a budget! As a kit, they're available starting at $949.98.

Check out the video above or the write up's on each product individually down below!


2017+ Honda Civic 1.5T Intercooler

The factory Civic 1.5t is an extremely fun platform to mod but when you start to increase the power output by turning up the boost levels, the factory intercooler and blow off valve system starts to show some weaknesses. As boost levels rise, so do air intake temperatures. To cool off the heat, most turbocharged vehicles utilize an air to air heat exchanger called an intercooler to reduce the amount of heat that is being moved into the engine. Factory intercoolers are designed on a budget and with the intent that they will only have to cool the amount of heat that is generated within the acceptable tolerance range of the OEM boost levels delivered by the factory turbo. Once boost levels are increased past factory levels, the original equipment intercooler is no longer working in its efficiency range and the air intake temperatures begin to increase.


At the heart of our intercooler design is our custom core. Through testing, we were able to determine that the factory intercooler flowed 320cfm at 1.7lbs of pressure drop while approaching 28lbs of boost. This intercooler is sufficient for a vehicle making 180-200hp but by contrast, our intercooler core flows 580cfm with .6lbs of pressure drop at 30lbs. We confidently rate our core to 450whp and flow testing is not the only testing that our intercooler has been subjected to. We rigorously tested the performance and durability of our intercooler design every time we take our race car to the track.


With our intercooler, you can be sure that you will receive the cooling performance of our core, the durable fitment and good looks of our billet end tanks with our track tested and certified approval that this product has what it takes to propel your project to the next level!


-Custom MAPerormance Intercooler core
-Custom MAPerformance CNC Machined Billet Intercooler end tanks
-Hand TIG welded
-Designed to fit in the factory compartment with no major modifications.
-Large Outlet to increase flow in comparison to factory 2-Bolt 2” Flange

-Cooler Charge temps
-Supports up to 500WHP as tested on our shop Racecar
-100% Direct Replacement (works with stock OR our aftermarket Intercooler
Hard Pipe Kit)

2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Models
2017+ Honda Civic Si 1.5T


2017+ Honda Civic 1.5T Intercooler Charge Piping 

All MAPerformance fabricated products are hand made in house by very skilled fabricators. We bend our own tubing, machine our own flanges, design jigs, weld, port, and R&D right here in the USA with locally sourced raw material. All fabricated products carry a lifetime guarantee against cracking/warping/failing. So buy with confidence, know that you are getting the best product on the market for your vehicle!


When it came time to address the 10th Gen Civic 1.5T charge pipes we produced a system that would fit all of our customers' needs, along with lasting the lifetime of their car unlike so many of the OEM plastic systems. We started by identifying the most restrictive parts of the system and designed our 10th Gen Civic 1.5T Charge pipe kit to follow the OEM route to prevent any modifications along with increasing the size of the pipe. This, in turn, helps reduce the pressure drop across the whole system allowing more air to reach the intake manifold.


This system is currently offered in two variants, the first one will be to the OEM or OEM Style outlet Intercoolers. This will utilize a two-inch two-bolt flange outlet and fit like OEM. The second will be the MAP Intercooler system, this will increase the outlet size to our 2.25” Intercooler outlet and 2.5” piping. This will allow the intercooler to operate much more efficiently with more air able to exit the end tank.


-Free Flowing Mandrel-Bent 304SS Stainless Steel Tube
-Back Purge TIG welded for strength and durability
-Stainless T-bolt clamps
-Squirrelly Performance 4-ply Couplers
-Additional ⅛” NPT Port post TMAP for Methanol Injection

-Direct Fit with no modifications needed
-Higher flow capacity flow above factory power levels
-Much stronger than OEM plastic units
-Durable design to last the lifetime of your car

2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Models
2017+ Honda Civic Si 1.5T

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