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Function & Form Coilovers - Type-1, Type-2 and Type-3 are Here!

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Which Function and Form Coilover Type Is Right For You?

Function & Form offers coilovers for a wide range of import vehicles. How do you know which of their Type suspension systems is right for you? Lets let Function & Form help: 

Type-1 Coilovers

The TYPE 1 coilover is a full bodied coilover with simplicity in mind. We set the dampening characteristics for you and also chose less aggressive spring rates to match the fixed dampening. What we did not change was the durability, quality, smoothness of ride and lowering characteristics we are known for.


We recommend for the TYPE 1 product line for anybody that wants to enjoy performance, quality and great looks in a simplistic way. Install, set your height, and you are ready to roll! Don’t let simplicity fool you. The TYPE 1 suspension system is constructed with the same materials as our TYPE 2 systems. We used the same approach and philosophy in construction and strength. Our main goal is to give you a peace of mind when commuting or cruising on the weekend.

Type-2 Coilovers

The TYPE 2 coilover is our adjustable dampening system. More aggressive than the TYPE 1, we aimed to make it the ultimate street inspired coilover. Our philosophy was a coilover designed for street durability, comfort, and style but can endure the occasional track days.


A lot of our customers dream of hitting the track but the reality is they want to enjoy their pride and joy on the streets as well. A dedicated track car is not a choice for many but that’s ok. We designed a suspension that can let you enjoy the streets or an occasional fling on the track. You pick. In achieving this, we wanted to make a stronger product to endure the imperfections of the real world. Steel materials have been used for the lower mounts to give the shocks OEM durability. Spring rates are slightly more aggressive than a TYPE 1, to handle occasional track duties and spirited street driving (although we always suggest safe and smart driving on public roads). Yet this did not sacrifice ride quality.

Monotube shocks are used allowing for more piston surface area, and heat dissipation. Our goal is to offer you a suspension that can handle the wear and tear of daily driving duties. With the TYPE 2’s 32 levels of dampening adjustment, you can dial in ride and handling characteristics for the street or the track, giving you ultimate versatility.

Type-3 Coilovers

Function and Form Autolife Inc. set out to give our customers an uncompromising coilover system at new standards never seen before from this Southern California based company. The goal with the TYPE 3 is to make a coilover that is at home on the street or the track. This coilover meets the standards of some of the best performance vehicle platforms currently on the market, and also satisfies the customer that demands quality in the details.


Something that is very important to us, and something that we take great pride in is releasing a product that can proudly wear the badge, made in the United States of America. This product is 100% made in the U.S.A! We sought out some of the best companies and partners to create our flagship coilover. Attention to detail is given to every unit produced, which is manufactured in limited quantity runs.

This is a true quality over quantity approach. Shock tubes, pistons, and rods are just a few of the components all custom CNC’d right here in Southern California. World famous EIBACH ERS MOTORSPORT springs are used on every application, giving you a wide range of spring rate options available for fine tuning the TYPE 3 to your needs, anytime you choose. You can set it up for daily driving duties, and easily switch to your track set up of choice. If you should you need any attention to the TYPE 3 coilovers, they are serviced right here in our facility along with all of Function & Form products. Currently only applicable to Subaru Sti 2008-2013.

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