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Planning an FA20 Stroker Kit Build? You'll Want this FA20 Torque Plate for Machining

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Considering building your Subaru FA20 for big power? Is an FA20 stroker kit in your future? Is so, the FA20 / 4UGSE torque plate kit is something you'll be interested in.

fa20 stroker kit torque plate We've been rolling out a lot of new products lately, and this 4U-GSE / FA20 engine torque plate is one of them. Engine torque plates are a crucial component when machining an engine block past factory bore specs. Bolting this plate to your block during machining will simulate the torque applied when securing the cylinder head, allowing for precise machining of the FA20 cylinder walls. Machining with a torque plate is an invaluable step for any performance application, especially when running an FA20 stroker kit. Features
  • 2 inch thick billet aluminum
  • Spacers for proper depth of penetration are included
  • 100% Made in the USA in Cottage Grove, MN.
  • Applications: Subaru & Scion FA20 / 4U-GSE Engines up to 90mm Bore
fa20 stroker kit torque plate kit from MAPerformance Don't hesitate purchasing this torque plate. When building a big power FA20 / 4U-GSE motor, all steps must be taken throughout the machinging process. Dont cut corners, or you'll regret it in the end. Contact a MAP sales representative for more information regaring FA20 Turbo and Stroker Kits.

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