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Looking for Evo X Cams? MAPerformance has your back!

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Aftermarket Evo X Cams are a great bolt-on modification in your search for power, let MAPerformance be your source for the best Evo X Cams!

If you're building a fast Evo 10, you'll need to install some aftermarket camshafts. There is no other way around it. When installing a bigger turbo you run out of cam quickly, leaving power on the table. This can be frustrating if you've already dumped a good amount of money into your build.

evo x cams Evo X Camshafts are in Stock NOW![/caption] Aftermarket Evo X cams will allow the engine to breathe and exhale better in higher RPM's. Performance Evo 10 cams come in a wide variety of profiles, allowing for large variations in performance and sound. Most Stage 1 and Stage 2 Evo X cams are great for daily driven cars with bolt-ons and larger stock frame turbo's. Stage 3 and above Evo X cams are best paired with built engines and large stock frame turbo's or custom large turbo kits. Some kits allow you to use factory valve springs, while some require upgraded springs and retainers. Every kit is different, so make sure you know what valvetrain your Evo X cams require.

Best Evo X Cams:

  • GSC S2 Cams - These are designed to be used with more aggressively built Evo X's pushing over 600whp. Will produce the most power between 3800-8500RPMs, so should be used with larger stock frame turbo's or aftermarket turbochargers. Keep in mind, these do require stiffer valve springs.
  • Kelford 214-B Cams - Perfect for larger turbo applications, while still retaining some street driveability.
  • Kelford 214-C Cams - Kelford Racing Camshafts for large turbo, high horsepower applications. Requires stiff Kelford valve springs.
  • GSC Valve Stem Seals - GSC Power-Division Viton® Valve Stem Seals use genuine DuPont Viton material. Viton was specifically developed for the extreme conditions seen in today’s high horsepower, sport compact engines.
If you need help finding the best Evo X cams for your application, contact us here at MAPerformance! We've got the best cams for every application, in stock and ready to ship! Our knowledgeable staff can piece together your engine build and get you on your way to building the fastest Evo X on the street! Keep an eye on the MAPerformance blog for the latest Evo X news and new product releases!

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  • charbel waked: July 24, 2017

    helo my evo 10 gsr with 2.0 forger engine.with gtx3071r 1000cc clinic injection255walbro pump ams exaust +map investment castams cold air .whats camshaft a need please?

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