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Evo X Engine | 4B11T Race Engine & Rebuild Cost

Aaron Johnson  October 23 2013

MAPerformance 2.0l Shortblock for Evolution X (Stage 1)

Evo X Engine For Sale

Evo X Engine Rebuild. The MAP Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Stage 1 Shortblock offers the perfect balance of power & reliability at an affordable price. Our team uses only the best high quality components from Wiseco, Manley & CP Pistons. Combining these great engine internals with the latest in high tech machining and stringent assembly practices leaves our customers with the absolute best bang for your buck 4b11T shortblock out there! All of our MAPerformance race engines are individually machined, built, and inspected using the same care as the ones found in our world record holding Evo 8.  When you choose to purchase an engine from MAPerformance you are investing in the experience & knowledge we've gained from assembling hundreds of engines for racers across the world!  When it comes to building you a reliable shortblock that fits your goals as well as your budget no other shops can compete with MAPerformance, period.

Purchase the MAP 2.0L Shortblock Stage 1

MAPerformance Stage 2 Shortblock for Evolution X

Evo X Built Race Engine

Years of experience and hundreds of successful builds have given us a pretty good idea of what these motors like! If you plan on making over 650whp you need one of these!


MAP recommends a maximum bore size of 89mm. The 1mm difference in the cylinder bore results in a mere .05L displacement differential, but allows for a future overbore to 89.5mm or 90mm potentially saving thousands of dollars should a failure occur for whatever reason.

Stage 2 Features & Benefits

Our stage 2 shortblock retains the factory crankshaft and connecting rod configuration and features Custom alloy sleeves for the ultimate in strength and durability! Various piston size options are available, supporting multiple displacements. These shortblocks can be bored to a maximum bore of 90mm (2.2L) although we typically recommend a maximum bore size of 89mm as these sleeves cannot be bored further.

Included Services

  • Engine blocks visit our hot tank before and after machining for a clean, finished appearance.
  • Crankshafts are never cut / turned and receive a micro-polish treatment and balancing specifically for high performance applications.
  • Custom alloy sleeves are installed allowing for the ultimate in strength even with a 90mm bore!
  • Once back from sleeving each block is line honed to rectify any shifting that resulted from the sleeving process. If you're shopping around and a competitor tells you this is not necessary you should turn and run!
  • We utilize a three step honing process utilizing a 4B11T specific torque plate to ensure roundness. Our honing process is finished with a plateau hone for the absolute best cylinder wall finish and ultimate ring seating.
  • The last step in the machining process is resurfacing. We pride ourselves on the surface finish (RA) we achieve as it is of the utmost importance in regards to head gasket sealing.

Purchase the MAP 2.0L Shortblock Stage 2

For assistance in finding the right Evo X engine rebuild, Evo X engine rebuild kit inventory, or engine components for your Evo X give our knowledgeable staff a call 1(888)MAPerformance

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