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Evo Mods - Your Guide To Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 Bolt-On Performance

Aaron Johnson  March 14 2013

MAPerformance World Record Holding Evo VIII[/caption] Almost every Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 on the streets today has been modified in one way or another. We find some Evo owners are after more power from their 4G63 engine while others are after better handling or more appealing aesthetics. Although we leave the choice of what is or is not a priority up to our customers I wanted to piece together some helpful tips for Evo owners who are after bolt-on performance upgrades for his/her STOCK(ish) CAR. I will be speaking in general so please try not to take offense. When I say things like "simple" or "inexpensive" please understand these are relative terms and not meant to make you feel like a newb. Staged upgrades are not something many Evo owners follow but for the sake of keeping this organized I may refer to certain mod packages as stages, get over it!   Taking your Mitsubishi Evolution 8/9 from bone stock to "Stage 1": Some people may consider a dyno tune to be Stage 1. I believe there is more value to be had by installing a less restrictive Air Intake and a better Boost Controller prior to your first tune. (This is a point I also made clear in this recent blog post!) Air Intakes - Turbocharged cars react extremely well to less restrictions, both on the intake side as well as the exhaust. Installing an air intake on your Evo VIII or Evo IX is fairly simply and takes under an hour using basic hand tools. Although you'll find numerous options ranging from drop-in air filters from K&N, Cosworth and Works to complete cold air intake systems we suggest a "Filter Kit" for a few reasons. Drop-in filters are a great solution for some but will leave power on the table once you're over 400whp. Cold air intake systems will cause issues with your factory MAF readings since they replace your OEM intake pipe and can even cause your car to stall out (a proper tune should fix this). The easy, economical solution, is to replace your stock air box with an open element filter to maximize flow and keep tuning headaches to a minimum. This seems to be the most popular choice for most Evo VIII/IX owners and these kits can be had for well under $100 making this upgrade one of the first must do's! Our top sellers are the MAF Adapter Plate + Perrin Filter and the ETS Air Filter Kit.Grimmspeed Manual Boost Controller Grimmspeed MBC[/caption] Boost Controller - I am not truly convinced if a manual boost controller is superior or inferior to an electronic boost controller as they both have pro's and con's (we actually run a hybrid setup in our race cars). I strongly suggest consulting your tuner to ensure which ever route you take won't make their job any more difficult. Most quality tuners can handle what ever you decide to throw at them so IF your chosen "tooner" gives your grief over your MBC or ECBS please reconsider letting them touch your car. With many options out there I have a hard time pointing out benefits of one boost controller over another but I have two proven solutions that have never failed me. Turbosmart and Grimmspeed. Not only do these two companies make my favorite MBC's they also both offer quality electronic boost controllers / solenoids to suite your needs.

Evo Dyno Tuning[/caption] Professional Tuning - After installing your performance intake and boost controller of choice you'll need to get your cars ECU re-calibrated. Finding a tuner in your area who is familiar with the Mitsubishi Evo 8/9 platform is preferred by most owners as there is no way for a remote tuner to hear and feel how the car is reacting.  Although remote tuners can get the job done it does take more time and can become a tedious process of data logging and exchanging emails. If a problem were to arise it is also much easier for someone who is physically present to diagnose and  solve.  At the end of the day I suggest working with a tuner who makes you feel comfortable. This maybe the type of Tuner who says "give me your keys and sit in the waiting room" or the type who answers all of your concerns so that you fully understand the process.  Again it is all personal preference and as such there is no way to say what is best but we feel Jordan is the best in Minnesota! These Evo mods, once installed and tuned, are sure to bring a smile to your face and have you on the cusp of a new addiction. Along with these stage 1 necessities there is some optional gauges and accessories I want to discuss in the next blog post so subscribe today and feel free to leave your comments!

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