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Turbo Blankets | PTP Turbo Blanket Benefits

Posted on 28 August 2013

Turbo Blanket

Turbo Blankets offer many performance benefits such as reduced under hood temperatures and increasing exhaust velocity. Below we will discuss even more reasons we suggest installing a turbo blanket on your car today!

1.) A turbo-blanket protects everything in your engine bay.

The turbo blankets job is to isolates the heat produced by your turbocharger. It also prevents that excessive heat from damaging components surrounding the turbocharger in your engine bay. We have even seen plastic and rubber hoses and electrical wiring ignite from the extreme temperatures of a turbocharger. Lowering your under hood temps will also protect painted surfaces, such as the engine bay and the surface of the hood. Turbo Blankets help to prevent localized high temperature from damaging the engine itself. One cause of head-gasket failure is localized heating on a certain area of the engine itself. The extreme heat near the turbo can cause warping of the head and thus blown head gaskets. This is a known cause of blown head gaskets in various turbocharged cars.

2.) A turbo blanket improves the performance of your turbo by increasing exhaust velocity!

By keeping the HOT exhaust-gases inside the turbo overall efficiency is improved. The hotter a gas get, the more expansive it becomes. Within your turbine housing, the more expansive the gases are, the greater the pressure derived and thus, increased exhaust velocity. With increased pressure and velocity the acceleration of the turbos impeller wheel is increased as compared to the same turbocharger with with cooler exhaust gases. This equals faster spool-up from your turbocharger, as well as higher attainable boost levels. As a driver you will experience a more responsive turbo after installing your PTP turbo blanket . The increased spool up from your turbocharger means less lag and a more useable linear power-band. T3 Turbo Blanket

3.) A PTP turbo blanket improves the performance of your turbocharger by keeping "the cool side cool."

It is very important to keep your AIT's as low as possible. The cooler a gas is (such as your intake air), the more dense it becomes. The more dense the intake air is the more oxygen it contains. The more oxygen you have reaching your engine, the more power you can make. By keeping the extreme heat from your cars exhaust gases contained within the turbine side of your turbo and away from the compressor side and the intake path, more oxygen reaches your engine, and thus, more power is produced.

What Makes A PTP Turbo Blanket Different?

PTP Turbo Blankets are hand-crafted in N. America, and a high quality product is guaranteed.  PTP is well known in the turbo blanket industry for their high standards of material selection, design, overall construction, and for providing these high-quality products at an affordable price point. It is important to note that there are many low quality imitation turbo blankets out there. These imitations are often made in China and are manufactured using inferior materials. Imitation turbo blankets are generally ineffective and can be extremely dangerous if flammable materials have been used. Every PTP turbo blanket comes with a 1yr manufacture warranty against any defect that occurs during normal usage. This PTP turbo blanket warranty does not cover problems from incorrect installation or improper usage. PTP Turbo Blankets are the result of years of product R&D. The same materials used in PTP turbo blankets and heat wraps are currently being used in military applications across the world. PTP materials are on the cutting edge of heat insulation technology and have been tested and proven to handle extreme conditions. Subaru Turbo Blanket

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    Turbo Blankets | PTP Turbo Blanket Benefits

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