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GESI Cats Now Available in MAPerformance Products

Erik Blume  September 17 2019

Vibrant Performance - GESI Catalytic Converters


MAPerformance is proud to announce the addition of the GESI HO-Series into our own in-house brand downpipes and test pipes. This option is available for the following applications:

The High Output Universal Catalytic Converter can handle up to 500hp (per bank) and the Ultra High Output Universal Catalytic Converter is capable of handling up to 850hp (per bank, a total of 1700hp!), and guaranteed to pass emissions tests, assuming the vehicle is properly tuned and maintained.

GESI High Output (HO-series) and Ultra High output (UHO-series) Universal Metal Core Catalytic Converters have been designed to provide a reliable solution to the most common converter problems experienced by our customers.

  • EPA certified for use on OBD2 vehicles (1996 and newer). 49 States only!
  • Full Stainless Steel construction, including the substrate which is furnace braised to the mantle for outstanding durability
  • Unique end-cap design locks substrate in so it can't rattle around
  • The GESI proprietary precious metal loading technology ensures greatly reduced emissions, eliminating most "Check Engine Light" issues
  • Capable of withstanding up to 1500 deg F
  • Ideal for forced induction applications, with no loss of HP
  • Covered by a 5 year/50,000 mile warranty (on shell and tube ends only)

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