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New Billet Precision Turbo 6262 CEA Turbocharger

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

 Precision 6262 Turbo

Precision Turbo 6262
Model #:  6262
Power Capabilities:  680 - 700hp
Comp Wheel Diameter:  62 mm
Turbine Wheel Diameter:  62 mm

PTE 6262 Compressor Housing Options

  • E-Cover: 3" in / 2" out
  • S-Cover: 4" in / 2" out
  • Anti-Surge (SP)Cover - 4"in/2"out

PTE 6262 Turbine Housing Options

  • T3 4 Bolt: .63, .82AR
  • T3 In / 5-Bolt Out: .63AR
  • T3 In / V-Band Out: .63, .82AR
  • T4 In / V-Band Out: .58, .68AR
  • T4 Divided In / V-band Out: .84AR
  • V-Band Inlet / Outlet: .82AR

Many enthusiasts ask "whats the big deal with these new billet wheels"? So many in fact I wanted to make a quick blog post and fill everyone in. The CRAZE is not just a bunch of fan boys who think billet compressor wheels are cool. "Billet turbo's" in general offer one distinct advantage and that's weight. A properly designed billet wheel is far lighter than that of an old school cast compressor wheel. Additionally PTE Turbo has re-engineered their compressor wheel designs resultsing in a  billet turbo that is more efficient than the older cast wheel turbochargers. The old PTE 6262 design worked well and proved to be a great option in its day. But as turbocharger and airflow technology progresses Precision Turbo billet wheels continues to get better, and as such they release more efficient turbocharger designs such as the PTE 6262 CEA. Precision Turbo 6262 CEA Turbo's have made 700whp in many applications and comes from PTE in a wide range of turbine and compressor housing combinations to fit just about anything you can imagine. For most 4cyl applications we like to stick with T3 turbines, while many 6 cylinder & V8 owners will be better suites with one of the T4 exhaust housings. If you need expert advice when picking out the correct Precision turbo to fit your cars goals and your personal budget, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales staff will guide you through the Turbocharger selection process and ensure you get the perfect PTE 6262 Turbo for your ride!

A quote from the Precision Turbo & Engine Press Release regarding their new CEA wheels:

"Specifically engineered to produce massive power gains over older turbine wheel designs, usage of Precision’s new CEA wheels typically results in an average increase of 30-45 horsepower over comparably-sized standard designs. Furthermore, spool-up time is improved when using PTE’s CEA turbine wheels to further reduce turbo lag."

Side by side comparison of new CEA PTE 6262 Wheels vs Older PTE 6262HP Wheels

PTE 6262 CEA

Photo Credit Goes To Hollywood X on

Precision Turbo 6262

If you're after a bit more power be sure to check out the PTE 6266 here!

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  • Ejaaz M: September 11, 2018

    Hey need help picking the right turbo I am looking at the P6262 or the BW360 SXE not sure I have a 1jz vvti R154 gear box my goals for this car is 4-500whp thanks

  • MaPer4mance: November 10, 2015

    PTE 6262 | Billet Precision Turbo 6262 CEA Turbocharger

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