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Unsure if an S475 turbo is right for you? We'll tell you!

Erik Blume  September 18 2019

Building a big turbo V8 or diesel engine? Find out if a S475 turbo is right for you.

The Borg Warner S475 turbo is one of our best sellers for enthusiasts with big V8 or diesel projects who've decided on going the turbocharger route. The large size compressor housing is perfect for these big displacement V8 engines, and combining that with the quality and lifespan of Borg-Warner turbo's, you have the recipe for a reliable, 500+whp build. But do you really want a S475 turbo, or is something else better suited for your power needs?

s475 turbo

click image to purchase your own Borg Warner S475 Turbo

But why do large engines need large turbo's? To put it simply, the larger combustion chambers need more air forced into them to make more power, and smaller turbo's just cant move the required air (unless you have a twin turbo setup, but thats a different story for a different blog post). Borg Warner has developed the S475 turbo to be perfectly sized for Diesel and V8 engines.

Most of our customers use the S475 turbo on big block, 350+ cubic inch V8 engines or big Cummins 400+ cubic inch engines. These engines will happily accept a S475 turbo due to their large combustion chambers, thick cylinder walls, and durability / knock resistance. The Borg Warner S475 turbo may match up with other engine blocks, and we welcome you to contact us with your engine size for a recommendation on whether or not the S475 turbo is right for you.  Another factor worth considering is the cost effectiveness of the S475. Many customers stick with BW across multiple builds because of their low price.

borg warner s475 turbo

click image to purchase your own S475 Turbo

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