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2016+ Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo Baffled Oil Catch Can

Erik Blume  August 05 2016

Mishimoto (MMBCC-CIV-16P) Available in Red, Blue and Black!

2016 Civic Oil Catch Can

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The first turbocharged Honda engine has hit the US domestic market. It may be small, but it still packs a punch for having a displacement of only 1.5L. The Mishimoto Civic catch can will make sure that your 1.5L turbocharged engine keeps running like it just rolled off the lot! The 2-port baffled catch can mounts in the back of the engine bay by means of the included application-specific bracket. The 50 micron bronze filter keeps blow-by from making a mess of your intake tract. This 2016 Civic catch can kit includes direct-fit silicone hoses to make for an easy 30 minute installation.


  • Direct fit for 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo
  • Single can mounts in line with the PCV system to separate oil from air using a 50 micron bronze filter
  • Installs in under 30 minutes
  • Application-specific bracket mounts the can in a serviceable location
  • Billet 6061 aluminum sealed can
  • Internal air diverter turbulates air longer to improve oil separation
  • Defends intercooler, intake system, and essential components from oil blow-by
  • Helps maintain proper octane levels to reduce potential detonation

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